Adverse Awakening Symptoms

Have you checked what people write about Awakening Symptoms ?  I did some research and found …
Wilting Rose


I was browsing the web the other day to see what people were writing about Awakening Symptoms.  As you expected majority had extremely long lists of effects, issues, illness etc.

One thing I found in common with all of them were the Adverse Awakening Symptoms such as those listed below:

  1. creeping feeling on the skin, feeling of spiders walking all over your body or ants.
  2. body itching and overheating but when you touch your skin it is cool
  3. clawing in the head often very painful
  4. tightening around the head like an Alice band being placed around your Third Eye and head constantly being tightened
  5. dizziness, migraines, headaches and nausea
  6. foggy feeling in the head nothing seems clear and trying to focus is very difficult.
  7. ungrounded on every level

You begin to feel and look like the wilting flower above and this is not fun or healthy for anyone.

All these are psychic attacks against you be them people or spiritual entities wanting to hold you back on your path of development and awakening.  All too often they result from jealousy of your innate abilities which you may be unaware of.

Included in the attacks is the chaos they try to create within your life to make it as hard as possible. I experienced a lot prior to opening up and all hell let loose after I opened up more spiritually.  In fact the people who do the most damage are those who have bad thoughts about you these are also part of psychic attacks. You will have suffered more from  bad thoughts than those who practise bad magic.  This is why it is so important to control thoughts and keep them positive.

You may have found and tried different remedies like did and none of them worked at all.

It took me three years to develop my own method of Psychic Protection which really is effective and now I can lead a normal life again.

I have experienced all the above symptoms and more, scary isn’t it that someone would want to do this to you.

If you would like to chat about this with me to gain a better understanding of what is happening around you and how you too can start helping yourself.  

If you are experiencing any of the above then buy my booklet Self Defence Through Prayer will help you stop these attacks.

Is your life getting out of hand then contact Nanette for a consultation to talk through your concerns.

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