Are you a Vegetarian or a Meat Eater ?

Vegetarianism Vs Meat


I believe in respecting people’s choices and views in all things.  There always seems to be vegetarians having a go at meat eaters.

I must say I eat meat, fruit and vegetable but in moderation.  I have been a vegetarian and the diet just did not agree with me at all trying to eat manmade meat substitutes from unnatural sources made me sick. Also one of the worst meat substitutes is Soya this has an affect on the mind.

I now live in a country where the meat is Halal and the animals are cared for, no injured or unhealthy animal is eaten and they are blessed before they are killed unlike majority of the slaughter-houses where the animal has a very abusive experience  before they are killed.  The Halal meat definitely tastes better and for me there is no allergenic reaction.

I have friends in different parts of the world who rear their own livestock and love them but also know they will provide the necessary food to sustain them.  They ensure their animals a killed humanely and blessed before doing so.

Going back to fruit and vegetables people do not realise that these are living beings in their own right.  Some have souls bigger than many of the people who occupy this planet and did you know they can communicate too.  Oh yes, in a very different form but they do.  Just because they have a different form does not mean they are less than us.

Every time you eat fruit or vegetables remember you have to bless them and thank them for giving you sustenance.

It has been proven scientifically that vegetables scream when placed in boiling water.

They also endure humiliation when harvested in such brutal and unloving ways just to be put in a can, dried, frozen or delivered to your greengrocer.  Let’s not forget they also get sprayed with pesticides, chemicals and even hormones.

Can you imagine the conversations or the anger these Plant Beings are experiencing and you have no idea nor do you care because they are just fruit and vegetables.

So next time think before you criticise a meat eater as you scald your screaming vegetables in boiling water or steam them alive. Look at what you are doing too.

Vegetarians or Vegans who feed their pets meat are just hypercritical because these animals have to eat meat to maintain their health and therefore, so do we.

It is apparent we live on a predatory planet whether we like it or not.  For every living creature or being there is one which depends on its survival.  We accept animals, birds and fish eating each other, this we believe is normal assuming that we are more intelligent therefore we accept other life forms to be less than us.  This justifies our acceptance of their diet.  The very ancients ate meat but they cared for it and blessed it before they killed and ate it.

Moderation in all things is what is required gluttony has caused major imbalances in the body and the resources of our planet.

Gratitude expressed for having food on your table and to those who have worked hopefully lovingly in rearing or growing what has gone into your meal.  Gratitude to the animals, fruit and vegetables which have accepted their calling in providing sustenance for us.


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3 thoughts on “Are you a Vegetarian or a Meat Eater ?

  1. theveganlily says:

    Hi, interesting post. I would just like to put forward a few points.
    Animals are sentient beings (meaning they have a brain and a nervous system). They are capable of experiencing both physical and emotional pain. Plants cannot. It seems illogical to compare plants to animals in this case.
    Also, you mentioned that you tried vegetarianism before whilst eating meat replacements. I think there is this misconception that when you go veggie, you need to eat these processed replacements. Why not try vegetarianism/veganism whilst eating a whole food diet? Your body will become much more nourished.
    I don’t see how our intelligence justifies humans eating animals. If that were the case then why don’t we eat young children (who have been proven to be less intelligent than pigs) or people who are mentally disabled?
    You mentioned that meat and moderation is okay in the human body. Studies have shown that in humans that were eating moderate amounts of animal products still had a large effect on increasing cancer cell growth, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease etc.
    In the state that the environment is in at the moment, I feel like we should all look at what we are eating. Eating meat has been proven to be unsustainable.


    • theveganlily says:

      Just from many studies being carried out between young children (Age 3 on average) and pigs. The results pointed to the idea that the pigs were more intelligent.
      That’s interesting. Can I ask what you mean by ‘my soul originated from a time where we are neither meat not plants, but another form nutrient’?


  2. puzzlesofthesoul says:

    FRom working very closely with my soul to both heal and learn about myself knowledge from the past comes forward. I live in Egypt as this is where I live in that time in history, it is time which has been erased to be forgotten.
    It is possible that pigs could be more intelligent than some children if not adults. Then again it is down to the soul evolvement.

    We could manifest a type of nutrient energy. I eat a lot of honey and coconut and I must agree eating meat is not so easy.


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