Are you controversial?

Some would say I am controversial  by this they mean I think differently from them and the consensus of thought if this is so then I am controversial.


Many people who are awakening or becoming more aware and some just have a different view-point for the majority are often afraid to speak out and air their views.

They are afraid of being criticised, they are afraid of people or friends will no longer like them.

Basically where does fear originate from, it is from others opinions trying to hold you  back from sharing your truth.

So you lose friends and associates but you will find other new friends who feel, believe and think like you.  The new friends will be a blessing in your life.

I have people tell me in private they like my writing, thinking and foresight but it takes a strong person who also has the courage to be different to agree and support my writing or work but many when it comes to it are afraid to be seen to support someone who is controversial they just want to blend in.

You all look for change but in reality most people just want the same they are too afraid to be different, too afraid to stand for what is right and good.

Remember evil transmits the fears to you so block the thoughts.  Find your strength and at least have the courage to have your say.

Do you feel others influence you and hold you back ?  If so then you are allowing other people to control you and this makes you weak and stop you from being who you really are!

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