Awakening but in reality your sensitivity is increasing.


Being a Sensitive

Being a sensitive means you are more aware of yourself and environment  than most people.  You feel deeper, you have good intuition, your senses become keener as you move towards your pre set mission  or goals.

Many sensitive people are abruptly pulled on to their Life Journey Path they are already sensitive to others.  Life pushes them into self-analysis of the physical, emotional and spiritual changes being made around and within them.  Your life often feels chaotic at times with the different rushes of energy being thrust upon you. Ignoring your calling is impossible as you will be forced to realise your true vocation in this life.

What can help you understand your changes?

What can you do to help understand your life and the new changes occurring.  The best way is to  pray.  Ask God or the Divine to answer questions and the more you speak and ask the more proficient you will become in hearing answers or receiving symbolisms.

Hearing answers within certain circles of development is called Clairaudience this means you can hear the Divine speak to you clearly and vocally. There may be instances where you will get thoughts but they might be faint and distant.

Receiving symbolism can often be a sign post usually visual which takes many forms within nature or pictures and messages giving confirmation you are thinking on the correct lines.  Following guidance can be one of the hardest things to do as the mind enjoys interfering with thoughts and guidance making you doubt yourself.

What is intuition ?

Intuition comes from your soul and is connected to the God and the Divine.  Intuition can be gut feelings or physical triggers which react about choices or decisions you need to make.

When you are making bad choices knots and pains in the stomach along with a feelings of dread  often signify bad choices and warnings.

When making a good choice the feeling of calm exists within the whole body and sometimes a feeling of excitement.

Being more connected to your Soul

On a higher level the intuition or really your Soul comes into being the more you connect to God and the Divine.  You will hear what many call your “inner voice” guiding you and this can often be faint especially if you have a lot of negativity around you in your life.

The more committed you are to God and the Divine the stronger your “inner voice” will become.

To connect with your Soul is far more important than connecting with Spirits or Entities as you really have no idea of what you are connecting to and this can bring more trouble than you can imagine into your life and you will wish you had not.  My advice is keep away from them, I do.

Physical Changes

As you change the physical changes to your body which are the most noticeable is intolerance to food, chemicals, additives, medicines and you will prefer to use more natural products and eat more unadulterated foods.  This will mean a big change in your lifestyle.

Hidden illnesses or physical dis-ease (where your body is no longer at ease or healthy) will come to the fore as you become in tune with your own body and its functions if treated naturally they will heal quicker.  Taking medication may end up blocking or shifting your physical dis-ease to another part of your body and you will have a far bigger problem to deal with.

Emotional Changes

As you become more sensitive to yourself and environment you will find old emotions connected to issues you have suppressed for various reasons from the past being replayed or just bubbling up in your mind.  You have to learn to accept and understand what happened in the past and let go of it.  Once you understand your involvement in the issue and accept how you dealt with it then the feelings and thoughts will not return again.

I have outlined briefly the basic steps to take when starting with your own development.

If you would like further advice please contact me

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“Self Defence Through Prayer” 

simply be you, live your life simply

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