Bwahhhh Seeing Real Spirits and Entities


Everyone likes to hear about people’s experiences with the supernatural world.  I wish mine were as funny as the picture above.

More often than not people who are awakening are unaware of this happening to them as it is a natural process, but the supernatural world have been waiting for you Bwahhh to attack you.

Life was hard and my father had died about 4 years before so I had a lot of responsibilities on my plate and with the added unprepared and unwanted awakening going on in my life.  Once you start opening up to the spiritual realms there is no turning back ever.  I realise now it is better to be aware than walk around blind.

Briefly I have outlined some of my experiences with the supernatural world some bad and some beautiful.  This has been my journey in life.

One night half awake half asleep I found myself being dragged about on my bed my feet and hands were pinned down I could not move I was in a star position on my bed the energy was so heavy.  I could not speak, shout I was terrified as I lay there powerless a being came towards me a threw a huge spirit spider down my throat.  I mean huge.  I was terrified. This was the first implant I was aware of put in me forcibly.  I was determined to be heard so I mentally screamed for my father to help me.  Then all was gone and peaceful I could see a woman looking at me from long ago, then she disappeared.  This is one form of psychic attack.

I had another few attacks of being squashed by a heavy weight when I was in bed it made me feel powerless and again I could not vocalise anything. I was terrified,  I screamed mentally for my father again to help me and once again a woman from a time long ago with a flowing cape came and looked at me then went. This is one form of psychic attack.

About a year later I went to see a Clairvoyant for the first time and I was very nervous about going.  The Medium told me I had these experiences but never told me if they were good or bad (obviously bad) nor did she advise me what to do to stop it happening again.  The Clairvoyant told me I was an extremely gifted healer, ha, I had no idea what one of those was.  Eventually and after a lot of procrastination due to the attacks by entities I went to visit a local Spiritualist Church.  Nobody advised me about how to cleanse the implant out or how to stop the attacks. I was just like everyone else joined in the groups.  Oh mistake when you are walking round with barn doors open letting all the bad have access to you not a good idea.  You need to know how to close down everything and work securely.  People in the groups which do not use good protection just infect each other with the negative entities.

I have had some laughs too especially with my dog, like most dogs was besotted with tennis balls and I could see she was chasing something a spirit ball rolling on top of the radiator and my dog was going mad but there was no one physically there rolling the spirit ball around. I sat watching amazed as her head went from side to side, up and down with precision exactly same if I were playing with her.   I could only think perhaps it was my father playing with her as he liked a good joke.  Getting his own back for all the sandwiches she pinched from his plate.

I am Clairaudient which means I can hear spirits talking very clearly.  I used to hear my “guide” stamp her feet when I was not paying attention.  (Please note I do not believe in working with spirit guides anymore.)

The first morning I did Auto-writing I got a clairvoyant vision of a little girl writing on a board.  My guide was trying to tell me to go and write.  I thought this a bit irksome a spirit holding my hand to write but I did.  The guide was from Oklahoma at the time of the Civil War.

I also did Psychic Art of Guides to help people connect but again I would not do this ever again as when the person has earned the right to work with a spirit guide it will happen.  Many psychic artists  attach bad spirits to people through this method. I have seen some art and they are just demons and the receiving person is so happy.  Oh happy times for them to come.

The worst thing I ever did to myself was to have Reiki each Attunement involves symbols which are put into your physical along with a spiritual implant.  Spiritual Implants are bad entities or spirits.  The Reiki binds your natural God-given Gifts to impede you.  I found I could no longer heal like I used to I could see into a client like a crystal being seeing precisely their ailments.  Reiki stopped me doing so many things.  Reiki also makes you ill as the implants beginning to work on you from inside. I did all the Reiki Attunements up to Master every time I was seriously ill with migraine and vomiting.  This should not happen ever with spiritual healing work.  Why was I foolish and do the Reiki because everyone did it.  It was the “in thing”.  Believe me it should not be the “in thing”and getting rid of the evil symbols and implants was not an easy task, though it was a great relief to see the symbols fly out of my body and be burned.

I love art and decided to treat myself to a special painting and after looking for sometime I found one which really appealed to me, lo and behold a month after buying I found it had “come alive” that means a spirit had become resident in the picture I could see the face all the time.  Eventually I burned it.  It went up in flames within seconds, giving proof it needed to be burned.

My first visit to Egypt I did not want to go but when I was there I could relate to so much of the country and the art.  I bought a largish Cobra made from Sea Jade. It was luminous in the dark, I loved it. The cobra lit up my bedroom as it was always pitch black even though there was a street light directly outside. Of course the room always being black meant it was full of evil surrounding me I did not let it bother me, I just used to say to the darkness “get on with it then” and I had no idea what to do about it.  The glowing light from the cobra began to move around my bedroom at first I thought I was seeing things then as the light came closer to me, I realised something was not very good possessing the cobra.  I did not like it at all, so I threw it in the bin along with many other things from Egypt that I had bought.  Now looking back the Sea Jade was the only one with a problem and that originates from  the Red Sea  which is very negative part of Egypt.

Visiting the temples in Egypt was an awesome experience as I kept having visions of times gone by in temples.  In Karnak Temple I was with a group and we were being led to the right by the guide and I wanted to go to the left.  After the guide’s talk I went back to look I kept feeling there was water or had been water there.  I stepped over the barrier rope as you do in Egypt nobody cares and walked across weeds to wall in front of me and to my surprise there was what used to be a small channel for water.  I was overjoyed with this. This was my first of many experiences in Egypt and why I love the country so.

Back in the UK as I was learning more and more about bad and evil spirits I realised my home was full of demons large dark humanoid figure featureless shapes passing through the walls.  I had consulted two Exorcists who were virtually useless in fact they made my problems worse, especially the one who was playing both sides of the fence. I had done so much clearing and praying and still they were hanging about no wonder the house was built over mining tunnels so you can imagine the bad energy and happenings coming from there.  I had probably rattled them too as I would push the light into the earth below to clear.

Something I was doing to help me get through all of this was using Angel and Archangel Cards and I was unaware the pictures on the cards were not of Angels or Archangels but of Fallen Angels and the cards were drawing more dark energy into the home. This is simply done by focusing on the being on the card. No Angel or Archangel will pose for a photo or drawing or even give an impression of themselves it is not in their interest to do so. Again these had to be burned.

This narrowed my working methods right down it made me focus purely on God to redeem me from all of this.  I had to research methods of working with God to clear my home and life so I could live safely.

I eventually developed techniques and prayers to remove and clear my home. Now I live in Egypt in my home here it is peaceful and the only phenomena I see are beautiful Angels and Divine Beings.  Each day is magical and uplifting and grateful to God for bringing me through those bad days and moving me to Egypt.

Below is a cross in my room which appeared on Remembrance Day.

Cross of Light

All of the bad phenomena led me to write my book Self Defense Through Prayer – the book is based on methods and prayers which are need to protect anyone who is working or training to be Clairvoyant or a Medium.

If you are interested in learning more about Psychic Protection e-mail me with any queries and I will advise you what action you should take.

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