Cursing What Is It?

We here so much about Curses theses days what do they mean by this?


Described by the dictionary  a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.  The intention of harming or causing misery for another.

Vulgar use of words often used in anger.

You would be surprised at the number of people who curse themselves and others daily without realising it. The more popular term for cursing is being negative to yourself and others.

It is so simple to do and it becomes ingrained in behaviour.  People curse the food they are preparing and cooking when they constantly think about negative thoughts of themselves or other people.  They focus intently on bad thoughts, their hurts, the revenge and all of this not only goes through your body but into your environment and food you are preparing.  Then it is ingested by you and your family. This simple procedure of thought can draw and does draw in bad and evil spirits into play.  The stronger the focus the more likely the environment or food will end up having bad or evil attachments to it.  Once it is in your system then allsorts of things start to take place.

Then there are those who know and do with bad intent to harm another person they invoke evil into their food preparations or drink and then offer it to their victim.

The most used form is to invoke evil entities and send them to the person they wish to harm with commands of what they want to happen in their victim’s life.   They have spirits stalking their victim’s every move and reporting back on progress.  Sad isn’t it but true.

What can curses do to you well endless things really dependent on the sender or attacker’s wish.  Anything from turmoil in your life, bad health, money problems, bad luck, cancer, and bind you so you cannot move out the cycle of events.  Having been through this myself and had to learn how to break the curses and end it is not so easy. This also depends on how long you have attacked.  Many will say it is easy but then perhaps they have not really been cursed.

The point of my writing about Cursing is to be mindful of your thoughts as many of you have no wish to harm your family or friends.  This is the main reason for positive thinking using good thoughts about yourself and those you love and try to keep the hurts out of the kitchen whilst you are trying to heal them. Focus on peace and love whilst cooking and you will create the most amazing food even if it is a simple dish.

I believe in Blessing everything I eat and drink even a snack bar and now you know why.

This is the Blessing I say –

In the name of God Divine Holy of All Holies Light of All Lights

Bless my food or drink with your Love, Light and transmute all harmful, bad and evil entities, energies, hexes, curses and spells into nothingness.

I AM grateful to God for the food and drink before me and that God has provided the food in my life for which I AM truly grateful. Amen.

When buying food or eating out I make sure the place and people are good.  I follow my intuition noticing the Light, Sounds, Smells and the people who own or work in the shops or restaurants.

I rarely eat out now I prefer my own food at least I know what has gone in it.   Used to love eating out in restaurants but have been so disappointed over the years with all round quality of what has been served.  I would rather stay at home.

Cursing is not just food related but often it is.  I had an experience in an office where I worked and my colleague at the next desk spent all day berating himself, cursing himself but not only that he used the words “I AM” which is an affirmation statement not only were his statements harming himself but they were me because I was constantly listening to “I AM” this that and the other it was subtly affecting my being.

What did I do about this?

I got upset with him I told him I had enough of his negative speaking all day long, poor man nearly fell off his chair and then explained what he was doing to himself with his constant cursing his own abilities and that his repetitive expressions were affecting me too.   I explained how he should talk positively about himself and then he would see changes take place within himself and around him.

That was the last time he spoke badly about himself and I was pleased he really did try to change and listen to what he was saying.

When people talk about negative speaking and thinking this is what they are referring to.  It is also a form of Psychic Attack.

Take care with your thoughts, speaking and focus.  We all have to keep trying.

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