Do You Allow Your Fears to Hold You Back?


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1.  Fears can be our own creation often we delude ourselves about people and situations and we frighten ourselves into believing the worst when actually it does not exist.  This is our own mind playing games with us.  Enlarging a situation in our lives which is only small into something bigger and all too often does not exist.  This is part of taming your mind to behave.

2.  Fears can be related to events or accidents, which though we survived them have made us fearful of experiencing them again.  They should be looked upon as lesson in life to remind us not to do them again to be wary of people and situations, but not to be afraid or fearful.

3.  Fears related to people bullying and threatening you.  You have to remove yourself from the environment in which these people thrive on and you are one of the many they feed off.  When you are afraid of people you are handing over your power to them and this in itself is empowering them.  If you are being bullied or threatened you must go to the police and report it.  Sitting in silence suffering will do you no good.  Oh they will threaten you about reporting them too but you have to in order to end the trauma in your life.

4.  Fears of dealing with people who have been unfair with you.  The fear of loosing them as a friend, if they cannot take some criticism from you and walk off then so be it.  Sad, but they really had no respect or cared for you in the first place they just want everything their own way.  Allowing people to walk all over you for the sake of you keeping your peace is wrong!  You have feelings and your ways of doing things other people have to be objective and respect you.

I have experienced all of the above and had to learn to deal with the fears and not suffer in silence.  When many of us work on clearing issues and releasing them, I have found majority are fears and trauma I have buried deep within my emotions.

Releasing them can be physically painful and tiring.  Deep rooted emotions will often come with stomach ache and constipation.  The more you accept and understand the issue the easier it will be to release or pass it out of your system.

Recognisable trigger will appear you will feel and sense them as the fear raises its ugly head to torment your mind again and again.

This is why it is so important to still the mind, keep it quiet, stop the chatter so the triggers cannot work your mind.

Find peace within and around you and push away those who wish you harm or disharmony.

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