Do you need to “get it off your chest” ?

This is something we all dislike and it is embarrassing to say the least.  Whether you have a simple cough, flu or you are going through a spiritual cleanse when the body detoxes it releases mucous.


If you are want to cure or complete your cleanse properly you have to get rid of the mucous.

Taking prescribed medicines or over the counter pharmacy medicines will only block or stop the cleansing you are going through.  This will do you more harm than good.

The only way is to go through it as unpleasant as it may feel.

I have recently completing a phase of spiritual cleansing which means I am releasing old issues, emotions and a lot of psychic attack damage over the years.  This became congested in my respiratory system.  When the respiratory system cleanses it produces mucous, catarrh, and phlegm.  It is gross and embarrassing to release.

You have to cough it up and out of your body to release it and if your nose is running too sniffing will only put mucous back into your lungs, stomach and liver you really do not want to do this.  Recycling the mucous only puts you at risk of getting pneumonia and the mucous becoming set in your lungs and respiratory.

What can you do to get relief from the hacking cough?  Not a lot.

This cleanse I tried all the usual things

  1. Lemon and Honey,
  2. Tea Tree Oil mixed Olive Oil,
  3. Cinnamon and Chili,
  4. Frankincense and Olive Oil,
  5. Honey,
  6. Water,
  7. Chili and Water.

The relief they gave was only momentarily an hour or so before the hacking cough restarted.

As I tried to rest at the same time I could see the issues from the past being highlighted.  There was a period of time in my life when I suffered extremely from infections in my throat, breathing and restrictions in communication.  This is what the respiratory and throat point too on a spiritual level.

I found that making a small drink of Chili Powder mixed in cold water helped boost my immune system in that it made the blood flow more efficiently as it opens up every tissue in the body to increase the flow of blood.  It also aids oxygenation of the cells.

It did not help the hacking cough but I could feel my body strengthen from drinking it.

I just persevered with the cough constantly clearing it and sometimes vomiting. I have never had a wheezing chest and it was wheezing loudly so much so my cat started to complain about the new noise.

I recommend putting a pinch of salt into some warm water and sipping or drinking it.  I always carried a bottle of water with a pinch of water to sip as I went about outside.  This was one of the best self-help I have done for nagging cough.

I have struggled for about 3 weeks now and today I can really feel the difference within me.  My respiratory area or chest feels clean and clear.  My physical body is stronger too.

When you are healing or cleansing you have to allow time to rest and sleep which I did yesterday as the cough has subsided and I could sleep peaceful allowing the body to re-adjust.  Asking God to fill me with His Love and Light especially into the areas which have been cleansed.

It is worth the effort to clear your body of toxins in they way it should even if it is embarrassing.  The more you listen to your Soul the more you will understand your physical body and what you need to heal and strengthen.

Remember once you have cleansed the toxins and the stagnant emotions it is finished.

Would like more advice on how to work with your Soul to build your confidence then  Contact Me

I have refused medical attention for over 20 years now and very experienced in looking after my own health and body.

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