Everyone Loves Angels

Botanical Garden Aswan

Do you love Angels?   I do they have been a great help in my life.

Did you know before a Divine Angel will help you that you must make a commitment to God ?

Many people think as they do with most things they have the right to ‘use’ Angels like they ‘use’ people.

You have to commit to God through prayer like they do and some prayer and sing God’s praises non-stop.

How long will this take before you see any help up to three months or more?

After all they want to see genuine commitment not just a one-off prayer.

Did you also know that Angels are given defined roles by God and they have to keep within the boundaries of their designated role?

What do Angels look like?

Generally they do not feel the need to show themselves you just know they are their.  An Angel’s presence can be felt as you and your environment should change.

The Archangels have no reason to show themselves at all in fact they are too large to see. Angels on the level below the Archangels do not know what they look like as they are too bright and enormous to see.  Makes you question then how the Angel Card Gurus can draw pictures of them and what entities are they really drawing.

What next do you have to do before an Angel or Archangel will help you?

You have to invoke them each by name and they have defined number of times you have to call their name and this also may take months as again they want to be sure you are really committed to God.

Who or what type of being will respond immediately to requests?

There are plenty of bad or evil entities who will jump at the chance to fool the unsuspecting masquerading in a form you would like to see.  They will do many things for you but at a cost of trapping you into their network or grid.  They are subtle in everything they do.  They will work behind the scenes in your life creating havoc and chaos.  So be warned.

Angels of Mercy are the most misrepresented as they really are warrior angels and should be used to protect and remove evil.

Archangels oversee a great many things including protection against evil. It is important you remember Angels and Archangels do not like to be worshipped.  They will only aid or help you if you invoke them through God first and if God approves your request for help only then you will receive help.

My main concern as with all spiritual practices is being safe in everything you do. The Spiritual World is not such a pretty world and there are dangers if the right care is not taken.




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