Have Parts of Your Soul Been Stolen ?

Soul Parts Stolen


How do you lose parts of your soul?

The New Age Thief and their practices!

A friend recommended that I take a look at Quantum Jumping.  I like to research New Age practices to see what they are trying to do to people.

In principle Quantum Jumping is all right when used to recall soul attributes from your past lives this is a positive action, but if you know how to work properly with your soul you do not need to do this because your soul knows what skills you require and will bring them to the fore as and when required.

The part of Quantum Jumping which is really a bad practice is when practitioners tell their clients or audience that it is all right to take from other people.  One practitioner stated they were going to play golf and they wanted to ensure they either won or played better than normal so they took some of the potential from a renowned Golfer.  This meant they took part of the renowned golfer’s soul and life line to blend into their own to gain the extra ability.

This is a very bad even evil thing to do.

Who has the right to take parts or bits of other people’s souls?

The victim has earned the right to have this potential in whatever skills they hold.  God  the creator gave them these gifts and they have had to work very hard to be given the gifts.

It is so in keeping with people’s thinking today that it is all right to take what you want just because you can.

Some thieves take it one step further which is more evil not only do they take part of the soul or timeline from another person but they also replace what they have taken with their own crap.  I have had his done to me and when the reality kicks into your life it is bewildering.

Just remember this stealing parts of another’s soul is damning no matter what your selfish reasons.

Just because something has become fashionable does not mean it is good and that you should do because everyone else is doing this.  Note this ! YOU are Psychic Attacking other people.

Sitting their blithely accept the dross being fed to you is not wise, being like a muppet bouncing along with the new craze is dangerous.

Question everything thoroughly and above all would you like someone to do this to you.!

Blessings to everyone view others and yourself with God’s Love and stop all the selfish behaviour.

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