Healing is a beautiful transformation ?

Healing Energies


Healing is the most natural of all alternative medicines.  It is pure and precise as it comes from God.

How do you become a healer?

You do not become a healer you are born with this potential in your Soul.  This is how God created you.  Some have a higher potential or ability than others.

Can I heal myself?

Yes, and everyone has the right to take responsibility for their own healing.

Does buying a “work-around” like Reiki make you a healer?

No, it means you paid for something to make you transmit some form of energy.

Who are the Best Healers? 

Natural Healers or Spiritual Healers those who have healing within their Soul as created by God.  These people naturally heal and cleanse everywhere they go.

How does Healing work?

Healing energy triggers the body’s natural self-healing mechanism to start your healing. Healing energy rebuilds, recreates and restores the physical body, emotional bodies and depending on the potential or ability of the Natural Healer work is carried out on the Soul.

If you are receiving Healing even distant healing from a Natural Healer or Spiritual Healer there should be a steady progress of regaining your health even cures. Dependent on what ailment or physical injury that is being healed you may very well experience more discomfort or pain as your whole being adjusts back to its normal state.

Healing works on every level of you it has to.  When you have been injured or become ill the damage passes through your body, emotions and spiritual bodies.  Your spiritual template has to be realigned again or even improved.

In many case having healing is like having a major operation and care is needed for sometime whilst you heal properly.  Now if you just had surgery you would not go running around carelessly.  You would take care and rest whilst your body mended.

Why does Healing not work?

Healing does not work for example you have injured your back gardening.  You go for healing and your back begins to feel good again, your love of gardening calls you and your back injury recurs.  When you have healing for such an injury you have to look at :

How you are gardening?

What bad lifting, sitting and working practices are damaging your back?

You need to change these so you do not damage your back again and you can enjoy gardening again but with care.

You have asked two different types of Healers practitioners to assist you in your healing.  Natural Healing or Spiritual Healing does not work with those who have bought “workarounds” like Reiki they are not compatible.  The energies clash as the Natural Healer or Spiritual Healer energies are much higher and they work directly with God.  The “workarounds” energy is much lower and work with entities which often are more harmful than good.

Depending on the illness you may have left it too late to recuperate but still you will gain some relief from healing even if it is some pain relief.

You may need several Healing Sessions to recuperate properly.  The mistake people make is they are looking for a miracle cure with healing and there are so many factors which have to be addressed during your healing process i.e the physical injury or damage be it accident or an operation, emotions, and spiritual bodies. People get impatient and after all it is your health your body and surely you are worth some effort to regain your health or physical abilities again.

Should a Healer work when they are ill?

No, is the simple answer a Healer who is ill should be self-healing regardless of how long it is going to take.

Healers should not work if they are suffering from depression, drink alcohol, smoke or taking prescribed drugs as your healing will be ineffective.  They will be putting their clients at risk with the negativity that surrounds them.

A healer who is doing their transformational work should not heal either as the focus should be on themselves and their releases and cleansing before doing any healing work.  If you are working correctly with your soul, your soul will tell you when and how you can restart healing others.

People who are suffering depression, have any kind of mental illness, taking prescribed medication, consume large quantities of alcohol, as they are emotionally unstable and should not become healers and this is where the “workarounds” come in the wrong people are doing work which is unsuitable for them.  These people have huge amounts of negative energy around them and many are capable of hiding or masking the fact with a cheery attitude and what appears to be a positive environment.  Especially in today’s environment of the social media they can really hide their true nature.  Nobody in their right mind would want healing from somebody who has huge mood swings, or even do any kind of spiritual work. They are too ill to help others.

Unless a healer has finished their own cleansing they will have too much negativity around them, by this I am not saying they are bad.  They are good people who have to clear their own life before embarking on clearing someone elses.  More often than not they are too eager to heal others and in doing so they will be passing their negativity entities onto their client and vice versa, therefore it is a very unhealthy environment.

Wishing you a health and happiness in your healing journey

Your healing journey should be uplifting and enjoyable.  You should make regular progress in between healing sessions.  “workarounds” bind and hold you in a static position of not getting worse or becoming better some people are happy with this.  I would not want to waste my money.  Remember we all have our healers even evil heal their own.

As you heal you will become more in tune with your own body, emotions and spirit so you can easily make adjustments yourself.

As with all things I recommend you question everything and learn your own truth.

Blessings in all you do


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