How Important is Psychic Protection ?

So you will be learning how to protect yourself on their Mediumship/Clairvoyant Course or Group!  They all say this!

Large Ankh

This gives confidence to anyone who is embarking on learning clairvoyant skills and in all fairness I used to believe this too.  Majority of people especially in the UK were taught one form of protection that is a cloak of protection. This form of protection when it was devised many years ago was excellent but in this day and age has no real value.

With the divisions between good and bad becoming more clear and the veils are being lifted on the evil works on this planet.  The Astral Plane which seems to act as a magnet to people who have great desires to do out-of-body work, unbeknown to them is overflowing with bad and evil entities, spirits or demons call them what you will. The Astral Plane is the first plane you pass through if your lucky to go on to the lower Spiritual Realms when you start developing.

Protection more than ever has to be paramount.  It has to be strong and requires a lot of building or creating to secure it.  Some will laugh at me, but unless you have experienced the volume of psychic attack I have and many others who are just trying to do God’s work will not understand the need for this.

You have to feel comfortable with your own protection.

Starting everyday with headaches, nausea, drained of energy, or  feeling foggy because you have been hit by psychic vampires is not fun.

Not only you need protect but your home and family must have it too if you are doing this kind of work.  If you fail to protect them you are opening your whole personal space for attack.

We were told on a course I attended over 20 years ago that the brown spirits you see in your home are good.  Oh people have to make statements about things they do not understand or know.  These large human shaped spirits in your home are demons and believe me my home was full of them.  They took a lot of work to get rid and you are thinking a little smudging will do it, NO.

Why did this happen? I did not know how to protect myself correctly.  These demonic spirits turned my life upside down made it chaotic.

Finally, I dedicated all my time to resolving this and through research and being guided to develop my own protection I have accomplished this.  It is not a one-off it is a constant practice.

Many people like the idea of becoming a Medium but with it holds a lot of responsibility and integrity.  Being dedicated to your work for God is not just for fun, though I have a lot of fun working for God.

The groups I attended majority of the people in them just wanted tea and biscuits at the end of it all it was an evening of entertainment, they were careless and did not practice and then wondered why they were not progressing!

Make sure before you embark on learning Mediumship or Clairvoyance that it is something you really want to do. Preferably you should not be on any form of medication as they are all mind altering.  No Group Leader of value will take on anyone who suffers from depression, bipolar or any form of mental illness as it is dangerous for them to do this as they already have too much negativity around them.

Would you like questions answered or need help with any areas of your development please e-mail I would be so happy to help you. 

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