Is Meditation Really Good ?

Sun Rise

Should you meditate?  Does it really help you?

What are you connecting to in your meditative state?

We are all told meditation is good for us and I used to believe this, but as my connection with my own Soul strengthened I found it harder to meditate.  If I prepared everything as we are told to do and sit quietly more often than not I fell asleep.  I am sure there will be many explanations for this happening i.e the mind is not strong enough.

From my understanding meditation is to pacify the mind.  The mind is a negative entity and why would we want to please it.  Every negative thought we have is pleasing the mind and going into a meditative state is empowering the mind.  If you allow the mind to override the soul then you are walking on a very negative path.

Your Soul needs to override your mind and your soul needs pacifying and uplifting.

How do you uplift your Soul?

Prayers to God not through meditation uplift your Soul igniting happiness from within.

Only God can feed your soul with guidance, wisdom and strengthens your connection to the Divine and God.

Peace and happiness come from the soul not the mind. A strong soul which is allowed to control the mind.

One of the best examples of prayer comes from the Holy Virgin Mary

“My soul doth magnify the Lord and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.”

(From the Magnificat Luke 1 : 46-55)

The head should be flowing with positive thoughts and creativity.  The negative chatter of the mind has to stop and feeding the mind only brings more negative chatter from the links you unknowingly connect to.

Guided meditations do you know for sure where you are traveling to on the Astral Plane.  We blindly follow these meditations without question first everything is beautiful you go to paradises the spiritual realms show you pictures and scenes to pacify your mind and your mind is pleased to be connected into the grid or web of negativity.

The more I tried to connect to my soul and the stronger my connection with God became my soul rejected the meditations and I no longer meditate.  I have found peace and happiness from loving God.  I refuse to pacify my mind with all its negativity but to control it.

My intuition and other talents or gifts have become heightened from strengthening my connection God.

Many meditation movements groups or followings the leaders draw their energy from women, as women are often the majority who follow these groups.  I was surprised to learn that even Buddhism has its own fundamentalist extremist groups which are very scary indeed this has been kept well hidden.

Would I meditate now, definitely not, being part of a massive meditative grid and network is like being trapped as the film Matrix showed human batteries feeding the source or the greater good as it is termed.

I work in a very different way taught by God through my Soul if you would like to learn alternative ways of working .

contact me

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