Life as an Empath

Life as an Empath

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Learning to live as an Empath is not so easy.

What is an Empath 

A person with the paranormal ability to perceive and feel the mental or emotional state of another individual.
Where does Empathy originate from

You are born an Empath it is not something which is learned and over time you learn to distinguish others physical pain and emotions from your own.  Empaths are more sensitive and in tune with their environment, therefore, they feel everything more deeply often become overwhelmed by negative people and environments.

Sympathy Vs Empath

Many confuse Sympathy with Empathy. Sympathy is how most people feel towards another it is a common understanding.  You can sympathise with their life situation and how they are feeling but actually physically feeling the other person’s emotions or bad health is Empathy. An Empath feels the same pain, emotions surrounding another person.

How do you know you are an Empath

Empathy is a gift within Natural Healers, this enables them to find the root cause of a dis-ease through actually feeling the pain, emotion, or unease of the person they are giving healing to on their own physical body and within their own emotions.

The more an Empath develops and clears their own issues and limitations the more sensitive they become.  This is why Empaths prefer to choose a vocation where they can work from home or a place of their own creation.

As a person goes through the Awakening Processes they may become aware of their Empathic Gift.

Some of my experiences

“It was quite a shock to me when I first discovered I was Empathic, it was whilst I was giving healing and I suddenly got a sharp pain in my lower back.  I knew I did not have it before I started the healing session and it did not feel like it belonged to me either.  Once I identified the pain on the clients body and agreed with it with them the pain disappeared.”

“I was giving healing to a client suddenly I could see into their body like looking into a crystal figure all the dis-ease could be seen by me.  I knew precisely where the areas were which required healing. This is a gift and is part of being an Empath. ”  Majority of healers can just feel changes in temperature whilst doing healing or nothing at all.

“I loathed team meetings or meetings of any kind where there was insufficient air.  I found working in small rooms extremely hard as most people are under stress and have health issues due to the pressures of life at work and home.  The electrical environment with fluorescent lighting and computer equipment sure took its toll but the energy being transmitted from those in the meeting many highly negative due to work related issues, health problems which they were unaware of and home issues.  People naturally draw energy from the Healer to boost their own depleted energy.  As the meeting went on others would become energised and I would be almost fainting or passing out from the extreme environment I was in. “

How do you deal with your Empathic Gift ?

So many consider it a curse rather than a blessing this is a very wrong attitude.

To control your environment you have to protect yourself strongly against other’s energies or energy vampires who drain you.

It is important to establish when you want to use your Empathic Gift ideally it should be in Healing Sessions that you have prepared and put protection securely in place. This is not always the case sometimes we are called upon to assist people who cross our paths daily.  Again, I stress the importance of protection so you do not become completely drained.

Maintaining a good routine of clearing, cleansing and protecting is essential for all practitioners be them Empathic or not.

A good starting point for protection is to purchase my booklet  

Self-Defence Through Prayer.

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