Mixing Spiritual Energies

Mixed Energies

When you begin to become Aware or Awaken your Soul from within.  You are faced with a multitude of ways of working with Spiritual Energy.

It is good to investigate different practices before deciding on a method to follow.

I always knew I was a Natural Healer and Medium and these are gifts already within my soul.  God or the creator had created me this way.  All I needed to do was learn how to expand my Healing Gift and understand the various techniques which were unique to me.  The best teacher you can have for your God-given gifts of course is God.  Only God should teach you.  There is no jealousy, competition, or vindictive behaviour from others when you work with your Lord God.

There are many practices which are taught by the New Age and majority of them are workarounds for people who have not been given various gifts such as healing.

You should be careful when mixing different energies from man-made practices these are of a lower vibration and conflict with natural gifts within your soul.  The energies i.e Reiki are often very negative and these attunements actually bind the natural attributes of your God-given gifts.  People who are not natural healers will not even notice their abilities being curbed because they had no healing potential to start with. They have just jumped on the New Age ‘merry-go-round’ to be part of something they know very little about.  Again taking on board a practice because everyone is doing it without question, and hands up I was guilty of the same.

Remember everything even low vibrations have a highest point, that is true the dark forces have their higher positions which is more evil.  The highest point you can have spiritually is God, the Divine, Holy of All Holies, Light of All Lights.

People talk of “Old Souls” to me I have two questions to ask here.

1.  Have they aged through God and Love?

2.  Have they aged through Evil and hatred?

Beware and be careful.  The latter is more subtle and fully of trickery.

Even doing differing spiritual practices you should pick one as dabbling in different forms be it, Wicca, Paganism, Religious based, God and Goddess, Angels, Religious deities they all have different energies and vibrations.  Some work together whilst others do not.  You can easily become unbalanced mixing energies.

If you choose to work with Angels then you work with them through God only and your Soul. Divine Angels will refuse to working with you when have chosen to work Spirit Guides, unknown entities, spirits, demons and ghosts.  The energies are too low for the Angels and weaker Angels run the risk of being beaten-up or even terminated by the demons.

Decide on your path through consultation with your soul and keep to it.  The most important energy is being or trying to be good and giving love so which ever way you chose you will succeed.

I chose to be committed to God, I work with my Soul and a host of Angels.  I prefer this then I know what I am receiving and doing is always good.

Interested in working with your Soul – to get connected then e-mail me from my  contact page to make an appointment to have a consultation or to discuss any queries you may have.

Blessing to you always

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simply be you live your life simply


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