Oh Grant Us Peace on Earth

Oh God who is the emanator of Peace help and teach us how to return our beautiful Earth to Peace.

Dove takes flight

Only with Your wisdom and guidance God,  shall we achieve Peace on Earth as God created our magnificent planet.

Lift the veils which shroud our enemies of evil who are thriving on destroying and harming all God created for our pleasure and happiness.

Fill the Souls who are seeking Peace with hope, courage and strength. Refresh their beings so they feel anew once again.

We are your Peace Warriors armed with Love and Compassion committed to God’s mission of restoring our beloved planet to how God lovingly created it.

We are united and dedicated to work for God in helping and supporting our brothers and sisters who have become bewilder by the enormity of it all to be able to take the first step forward to join in creating Peace.

Each of us have our role so have no fear that we are expected to right the entirety of the damaged caused through generation upon generation of neglect and selfishness.

Before we spread Peace throughout our world we have to find Peace within ourselves and this can only be done through Prayer and connecting to God.  The closer we are to God the more Peaceful we become.

The more Peaceful we become the more able we are to radiate Peace to others.

We ask Oh God grant us Peace on Earth in your name.


Peace Rose

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