Reversing Magic

Reversing Magic

Reversing magic sooo dangerous do not do it, I was always told this.

I have had so much psychic muck thrown at me it is unbelievable.

People who were trying to help me clear my mess kept saying do not reverse the magic it is dangerous.  Well it can be somewhat of a ping-pong match if you do not know what you are doing that is for sure.

Why don’t they want you to reverse the magic? 

The answer to that is simple the person saying this is more often than not one of them attacking you.  Oh you will be cursing people, so what they cursed me first and my life really sucks and had enough.

There are many different approaches to clearing reversing magic if you are a trained practitioner then that is fine, you will be someone who has been taught safe and good procedures to work with spiritual entities and mal-practitioners.  I must say not many are.  It is not advisable to go hammer and tongs into this situation as you have to be sure the attack from the aggressor will be stopped.

As I studied through God’s guidance it became clear to me how easy this can be done. Gradually I formulated a method which works.  It is safe, quick and most of all effective.

I can teach you how to do this  contact me  by email write about any queries.

Look no further than me, free your life up with new techniques which I have developed.

contact me

simply be you live your life simply


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