Soul Mate, Is there one for me?

Soul Mates

Everyone is searching for their Soul Mate society has pushed and encouraged everyone to look for a Soul Mate for some it has become an obsession.

Is this the one?

Have I found them?

Clairvoyants are taking advantage of people’s vulnerability in looking for love to find their perfect mate, their soul mate.

What is a Soul Mate?  

A soul mate is a soul from your Soul Group.  A soul you have evolved with over time.

They may take different forms too, Plants, Trees, Birds, Animals can be your soul mate and have originated from your soul group.

There are a multitude of Soul Groups which have harmony with each other and you can from these groups find soul mates purely because they have interacted with your Soul Group.

All “Good Souls” have soul mates be them friends, animals, or lovers.

Soul Mates are formed within heterosexual and same-sex relationships these are good healthy loving partnerships.

The match may not be perfect for you but then again you are not perfect either.  It takes understanding and time to grow together and form a stronger bond.

The Love connection is what has drawn you together it is different from any other kind of relationship.  There is an inner knowing, understanding, and a desire just to love the other partner.  When you are together everything is complete.  All disagreements just dissolve away because it is the love which is important and it is constantly expanding.

The Love in this relationship comes from the soul unlike other relationships which are just animal or base with one party trying to control and oppress the other.

Right from the beginning you should feel an instant difference.  They may be different race, language, religion, political belief but there will be a common ground on which you form your relationship.  As you grow you become a strong couple, formidable. Your weaknesses will be their strength and vice versa.

As the God Light shift is becoming stronger on Earth more and more “Good Souls” are being drawn together so if you are wondering “Is there one for me?” there will be someone waiting just around the corner.  You have to close doors on your past before you can start a new life with your “Soul Mate”.  No loose ends to tie up, so get working on closure to the past and before you know it you will be facing the one you have always dreamed of.

Be prepared to travel, accept someone from a different race, they may be younger or older than you this is irrelevant. Generally be open to change. The Divine Plan has been carefully carved out to perfection so if God has no qualms then why should you.

As you are drawn together please watch carefully the interaction of the evil spawn which is dedicated to keep you apart or break your relationship.  Keeping your focus on creating the best relationship you will ever have on this Earth can be daunting at times.

Remember Love that is Soul Love is pure and strong it is building of each partner to make them the best they can be.

Sending Blessings to all you seek their “True Love” and may your lives blossom with Love.

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