The “Big C”


Cancer is the word which makes everyone afraid it is the not knowing if you have and what to do about it.

How does cancer occur?

There are many ways in which cancer can occur in the body and we ourselves have the knowledge within us to cure it.

If you eat junk food on a regular basis this aggravates any possibility of cancer growing within you.  By eating the latest fad which is supposed to cure cancer will not help you at all if you also continue with your toxic diet.

Our own behaviour believe it or not can be the cause of cancer people who have negative outlook on life can create cancer within their body.  The constant focus on hatred, jealousy, trauma, heartache, sorrow and much more can create cancer within your own body.

Environment the toxins we ingest daily can cause cancer so preventative action must be taken to alleviate the consumption of too many toxins.

Psychic attack this is often one of the causes for cancer to occur in people.  We are living in an age where so many people are familiar with Curses, Hexes, Spells and dark magic and these have become very intricate in detail and work on the emotions on every level of your being.  They cause triggers within you which iterate your focus onto something bad and with this it create bad and destructive energy in your body, spirit and soul which turn into cancer or physical destruction.

How can people cure cancer?

Everyone has the answer to every illness within them and learning to listen to your soul for guidance will aid you to recover from any minor or major illness.

When we take charge of our own healing we learn what is good for us and what is not.

To cure ourselves will often take on a new way of looking at ourselves changes will have to be made in diet, lifestyle, work, activities etc.

Learning to nurture yourself at times when it is needed.  We are often too hard on ourselves pushing to extreme limits when in actual fact you should be resting and rejuvenating.

Learn to watch for the signs of stress and tiredness.  Learn to say no and stop.  Selfish people can be over demanding.

Refuse to work in jobs where the employer uses the staff and gives no reciprocation to excess time put in.  We can all meet extreme deadlines from time to time but not every day, every week for months on end.  The body, spirit and soul cannot endure this kind of punishment. This kind of working environment creates more than cancer in the body.

Do You have cancer, I am healing myself from this, so can you heal yourself take the courage and be prepared to  make the changes.

Blessing be with you always.

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