Understanding Your Chakras or Spiritual Energy Centers

Blue Lotus

Do you really understand your Chakras?  Are you doing the Right Procedure for You?

Everyone professes to follow the same system and advocate the Crown to Base Chakra System colours starting from the Top Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow Orange and Red.

I believed the self-appointed gurus and I used to draw these colours into my Chakras to cleanse and increase the vibrations until one day I went to someone who did Aura Photography and I saw all my Chakras were Cerise or Magenta depending on how you view colours.  Oh what-a-to-do the woman who did the Aura Photography did not know how to read my aura or the Chakra Colours with them being all one colour.  I started to realise not everyone is the same and this may be you too.

I always felt ungrounded and unbalanced following the “Gurus” recommendations.  So I started to cleanse with only White Light.  This really did not help either I was still ungrounded.

Do you know why I was ungrounded?

  1. My Chakras have always been one colour and still are.  The sizes are not the same as I have some very large Chakras.
  2. My Base Chakra is not in-between my legs like majority of people it is on the lower back on the spleen and once I discovered this and started to cleanse and work on the Base Chakra  in its correct position.  What happened?  I became grounded and I felt I belonged on the Earth.
  3. The Base Chakra is vital in keeping you grounded and balanced.  When the Base Chakra is neglected it becomes out of sync with your entire being.  You feel like you do not belong on this Earth and you are here for a purpose.  You feel like escaping or dying just to get away from these feelings of disconnectedness.  I wanted to return to my spiritual home all the time.  Now I am grounded and feel so strongly connected to the Earth.
  4. Many self-appointed gurus recommend that you work from Base up to Crown this is a huge mistake to do this. It does not matter if the guru has been doing the procedure like forever and it is good for them.  They are encouraging you to draw dark energies up your physical body and spiritual bodies.  They know what they are doing to you but you DO NOT.  They trick you by saying this is how to ground you. Oh No it is not this is how you open yourself up more the bad entities.

The only way to work with Chakras is from Crown down to Base Chakra you always draw the Divine Down into your physical body and spiritual bodies.

If you wish to learn more about your Chakras or any problems you are experiencing please

Contact Me

My  Booklet on  Self Defence Through Prayer also contains the procedure on how to look after your Chakras.

simply be you live your life simply


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