What should you do when having a Psychic Reading !


These days so many people have “Clairvoyant” readings in various forms

There a few guidelines you as a client should practice when having a reading.

When you agree to have a reading you are giving the “Clairvoyant” permission to access your most personal information and you majority of the time you do not know these people at all.  You feel because you do not know them it gives you privacy, well that is true but also you do not know what kind of person they really are.

Many “Clairvoyants” do not post photographs of themselves so you really do not know what they look like and too many are unscrupulous in their work.

Today majority of readings are via the phone which makes them very impersonal.

You the client should prepare yourself for a reading and also protect yourself.

  1. Before you have a reading start to focus on the question(s) you would like to have answered.
  2. Immediately prior to your reading mentally give permission to the “clairvoyant” to do a reading for you.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason stop the reading and hang-up.
  4. Beware of “Clairvoyants” who go over the time limit some say you will not be charged extra as they have cut the call to the centre.  You will be charged for the full call!
  5. If you are happy with the reading do say you are.
  6. After the reading mentally refuse access to the “Clairvoyant” this stops them from stalking you or pulling you into have another reading.
  7.  Once you allow a “Clairvoyant” to read for you unless you close the connection they have constant access to you.  Some are good and will not abuse this link but many do.

Take care when having a reading as there are good “Clairvoyants” you just have to find them.

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2 thoughts on “What should you do when having a Psychic Reading !

    • puzzlesofthesoul says:

      As to your question here, When anyone has a reading you are giving permission to the Reader to access your information on a spiritual level. Many are not aware they are doing this and you should protect yourself before having a reading and give permission as a form of intent and at the end of the reading close the access to the Clairvoyant/Reader so they cannot continue to follow you or access your spiritual information. If you do not close at the end of a Reading this is what we called “Being left Open” and you can be open to receive anything on a spiritual level. It is advisable to be in control of your own environment. These are the things people do not tell you about, I had to learn it for myself. Take care and blessings in all you do.


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