When the sun sets in your life

Remember when the sun sets in your life there is always a new dawn beginning.

Sunset on Life

The focus of your life should keep moving forward when relationships in particular are coming to an end, we find it hard to let go and move on.

We spend too much time wallowing in our hurts and regrets.  Trying to find a solution to something which broke a long time ago and could not be repaired.

It takes courage to take the steps forward to start afresh in your life being confident with yourself and who you are.

A relationship that has finished is not a failure.  You have been together for whatever lessons needed to be learned and often it is to learn you should not have been together in the first place.  The romance of life took over and lead you astray down a path of hurt and hard lessons.

Whilst you cling to what was, there is no opportunity in your mind, being or soul for another person to enter and perhaps they might be offering you something better.  It is you who is STOPPING the flow by living in the past with regrets and pain.

The past is finished and done with and so should you be finished with the pain that you keep holding on to.

Allow the new dawn to shine into your life it is an opportunity to find love and happiness.

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