Do not Meditate?

I do not advocate meditation, Why you say?



The Colours depicted on the Astral Plane.


All meditations take you onto the Astral Plane which is predominantly controlled by evil.  You enter many realms of illusion and delusion.

Today I was about to sleep and with closed eyes I could see through my Third Eye horrible and gross visions.  I had noticed this before for sometime and not really “questioned” or given it much thought.  Though it bothered me somewhat.

My Guardian Angel stepped in to tell me.

“You have removed the veils of illusion and delusion between yourself and evil, therefore, you see the Astral Plan as it really is.” It is disgusting full of evil this is what you see when you look through your Third Eye.

Unless you have removed the veils between you and evil you will spend wasted hours in the realms of illusion and delusion fulfilling your fantasies of what you “expect” to see in spirit.

There is only one safe way to meditate or enter a higher spiritual realm and that is to by-pass the Astral Plane.  I have had “Spiritual practitioners’ on Facebook talk me down on this saying you have to go through the Astral Plane.  The chances of ever getting through the Astral is very remote and becoming more impossible as evil moves their spawn.  You have to learn to by-pass it.  Very difficult to traverse the realms of illusion and delusion as there are so many twists and turns which will keep you mentally there.  Note mentally as the Astral Plane feeds the mind the negative entity within you.  The Astral Plane turns into a maze of deception.  It is where you will meet your beautiful angels who are demons in disguise.  I know many will not like this, please note I was duped too until my Guardian Angel blocked my viewing on the Astral Plane and cleared the veils away.

I now analyse what the Divine transmits to me.  I do not waste time meditating but spend more time asking questions to seek more understanding of others and myself.  If I need to relax and calm down I take a short nap.

This is why I have a different view on life than most.  I know how to do this , I was taught by my Guardian Angel many years ago.

Psychic Attack is frequent from the Astral Plane and whilst meditating.  Many renowned groups suck off or syphon energy from people who are meditating, this is why people who suffer from chronic fatigue or similar related illness are always fatigued as meditation is recommended as an aid to overcome chronic fatigue etc. you only become entrapped into a web of energy vampires.  You should thoroughly research meditation groups to see what their background is and as many are into mind control through meditation.

If you want to learn how to do this then contact me as I am the only one who will teach you this form of working.

simply be you, live your life simply

contact me



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