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Empath is an integral part of the Soul which has been created by God it is an honour to have Empathic attributes or components added to your Soul.  When God decides to bestow this gift upon a Healer it is for their exceptional dedication to All that is Good, The Divine and God.  You will find people with this gift who are ancient Souls and have passed the test of time and endurance.

There are only Natural Healers who are Empaths anyone doing other kinds of therapies are just sensitives and sympathetic.

Unfortunately as with all things the New Age and the wannabe healers try to give the impression that is something everyone has within them, and they are lying what they are looking for from you is money and followers who will listen to their loud and showy displays. Full of false hope and leave those who follow them confused and empty.

For example being an Empath is the same as being a Concert Pianist, I would have loved to have been Concert Pianist with such a gift for playing the piano.  I cannot play the piano.  This is something I accept and it is easy for people to accept that it is impossible for everyone in the world to be able to play to such a high standard as there are only a few who are dedicated enough and have an exceptional God given gift.

It is the same in Healing…. people should be responsible for their own healing but not everyone is a Natural Healer and in the same way only a few have the exceptional God given gift of being an Empath.

Empathy cannot be taught or learned it is within the person.

All good Souls are sympathetic they have strong feelings of understanding, compassion and soul love which they project or share when they see suffering of others.

The problem is the same old problem, people who think everyone is an Empath and believe if bad and evil could be more empathic the world would be a better place.  The important part these do-gooders are missing there is no love energy within a bad or evil person, it does not exist. They are soulless or they have an entity within them such as a demon. So trying to bring about beautiful energy from a place where there is no room for it to grow is an impossibility.

Then we have scientist who are clambering to gain more popularity by trying to slip into the Spiritual World of work with their hardheaded analyses.  It is impossible to assess a spiritual energy and the capabilities of a spiritual person with technology.

How can you define something that is indefinable?  Impossible!

How can New Age “Gurus” give Certificates for any form of Accomplishment of something which is undefinable?  People know how to talk the talk and blag their way through everything.

Are they sure they understand the capabilities of the other person?

Many of these New Agers are unable to use the spiritual gifts or even have them.  They lie their way through everything and the gullible do listen. Oh and important factor they know how to charge for their “knowledge” and “work”.

This is why God bestows his gifts and not New Age gurus.

A spiritually gifted person does not need any training or certificates to be able to work, as all of it is natural to them like being able to walk down the street.  The gifts reveals itself as and when the “Good” Person is ready.

May God Bless all who read this and if you are an Empath cherish your God given gift.

simply be you, live your life simply

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