Are you a peace-keeper?

Wondering what to do next, letting go of everything, stop keeping things bottled up they only hold you back.

Deal with everything and everyone as and when it happens.
Suppressing your feelings does not help even if it is to spare someone else some pain after all they are giving you pain, because you are a peace-keeper and will maintain harmony no matter what.
Truth being you are not maintaining harmony within yourself. You are allowing another to have sovereignty over you and your feelings.
The suppressed negativity creates illnesses eventual so stop it. Be good to yourself.
Suppressed feelings of hurt fester and eat away at you.  Your mind will certainly enjoy the banquet of negative thoughts and self-destruction.
Deal with everything the best way you can.  Sometimes walk away from issues and revisit them that is the people concerned when you are more able to speak and control the situation, let it fester NO.
If it is something out of your control then ask God to step in and help you.  You will find a better placed person coming to your aid.
May God Bless, guide you in all things

simply be you, live your life simply

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