Why can’t you be yourself?

What is wrong with you?  Why can’t you be who you are? Why do you have to be something else?

It makes me laugh to see people who believe they have to become some New Age Gimmick to get people interested in them.

They so false and yet those who lap around them are so blind to their cunning ways.

The smiles and the pretense of being a guru from another land is all show and nothing more.  A make belief.  They just know the right words and phrases to hook you into their web of intrigue.  Be warned.  Women especially a great dramatists they have been through the worst you name it they experienced it.  Please you lie so much.

It takes a lot to stand up and be really who you are, all your faults and failings.

Wake up world to these money mongers.  In all honesty if you are so blind, follow them to the abyss and enjoy the self destruction.

Take care now these are dangerous times, the veils and fog is lifting.  The rift between good and evil is getting greater.  Try to be on the correct side when the time is here.

God Bless

simply be you, live your life simply

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