Love of Essential Oils and Essences

Over 20 years ago I started my passion for Essential Oils as a form of natural healing.


Due to my own ill health and searching for ways to treat myself other than going to the doctors or the pharmacy I well and truly had enough bad care and treatment through both.

In my search I started in reviewing books in a well known bookstore.  I bought an encyclopedia of Aromatherapy oils by Julia Lawless and then on to her specialised books on Lavender, Tea Tree, Rose Oils.  This was the start of my adventure with these beautiful oils. They are very efficacious.

Since then and the start of my visiting Egypt I now use Egyptian Essences they are more potent than the Aromatherapy Oils and they do not have a “Use By Date” on them as they do not deteriorate.  You have to be careful where you buy they as many of the herb and spice shops sell diluted and mix in alcohol to the Essence to make it cheaper for them not you.  You will also find stalls in the Souq selling Egyptian Essences do not buy them from there.  The best shop and my preferred place to buy is from Mohamed El Fayed Essence Shops you can find them in many cities in Egypt they sell the best quality and the prices vary from a small bottle to large bottles.

My favourite Essence or Oil is Frankincense not only is the fragrance enticing but it is very one of my favourites to add to homemade skin products.  It is good to calm the nerves if you massage it into your skin.  I often had breathing problems in the UK and the Frankincense mixed with a base oil like olive oil and massaged into the chest would open up the breathing tracts and lungs.

Myrrh has to be another favourite this is great for healing certain types of sores, cuts and burns.  I remember frying some food and the oil spat going straight through my clothing and burned my stomach, it was so painful and nothing I put on it helped but the Myrrh healed up the wound from the burn and left no scar or marks.

Tea Tree Oil the master natural antibiotic and antiseptic the list for its uses is too long and if you buy a good quality Oil it works quickly.  I have used this for cuts, spots, bites, dandruff, add to washing to cleanse germs.  A good Tea Tree Oil is very potent and you do not need too much to use it to cleanse.  Gargle with it in water for sore throats.  I like to massage Tea Tree Oil into the soles of my feet and palms of my hands to boost my immune system quickly when run down or as a preventative when traveling by aeroplane where the germs are enclosed in the plane.

Rosemary  great as an antiseptic in wiping down the kitchen and anywhere really gives the whole house an upliftment, kills germs and also rids unwanted insects. Good to use for a respiratory problems and sinus.  Dab a little on the temples or inhale on a tissue to aid memory good to use when doing exams.

Rose  is great a perfect oil for women through reading Julia Lawless’ book on rose oil I cured the women’s menstrual problems I had.  Rose Oil is a corrective oil for menstrual cycles and regulating the blood flow.  I was amazed at the results I had with this especially after the damage the doctor caused me after a minor operation.  Caution Rose Oil should not be used in the early stages of pregnancy it can be abortive.  Other than that it is a beautiful floral oil to be added to beauty treatments.

These are just a few of my favourites I use many other essences but you should beware not to mix too many oils and make concoctions as oils and essences have energy within them and if you put too many different ones on at once you can make yourself ill.  You should decide your course of treatment and which areas you want to treat and focus on that one area.

Blessing to you always.





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