Faded Memory


I was reminiscing about my youth the other day and chuckled at how silly we could be with no malice intended.

Every Friday morning we had assembly in the school hall it always commenced with Hymns and Prayers.  The school was a protestant girls school and we had various religious teacher from the church assigned to our school and religious studies.

Every month one of the Cannons came to take the Hymns and Prayers, he was a lovely old man and he did not need a microphone, we nicked-named him Cannon Foghorn as his loud voice boomed across the school’s hall.

Girls being girls we would all be waiting for the prayers and we knew the prayers off by heart and poor Cannon had reached a time in his life when his memory had started to fade.  We would all wait patiently for the Cannon to find the page in the prayer book as he flicked loudly through his book.  If we were caught smiling or smirking it would be sure detention for being disrespectful at that tender age we did not understand about these things but we should have been taught so we could understand the reasons.

I must give our Cannon his due as he stood in front of three hundred plus teenage girls, he kept his poise and did not falter and as soon as he found the prayer he would boom the words out across the assembly.  I often wonder why nobody started the prayer for the Cannon but this also was not allowed.  I felt sure if a few words were said he would have perhaps remembered the prayers we all did every day.  As it was in those days in the church the Reverend or the Cannon led the service for the congregation to follow.

Looking back at this with more understanding now I can see the immense courage he must have had to keep going as his memory faded unable to remember the prayers we all knew.  To stand confidently in front of our girl school and also the boy school nearby as he took both assemblies.

I think this is a good example on how we should face things in life.  Aging and health often let us down throughout our life but we should maintain our poise and confidence because we can still go on and do what we have to even if it has to be modified.

Simply be you, live your life simply.




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