Whatever the weather

Soul Quotes
The weather will be whatever the weather. I say this as I usually give out the daily temperature of where I live and it is always very hot and this time of year so no change for awhile.
The question is what will we be today? Do you choose to be in a happier state or depressed?
We all have days which do not seem to flow how we would like, even though some people give the impression life is always wonderful the are just not telling the truth. They want you to think they are greater than you and have achieved more than you. Everyone has bad hair days they are not exempt.
Together we pull ourselves out of the mires and forever hold a helping hand.
We can change our thoughts and outlook for the day and have a good or better day than expected if we only silence the undermining mind.  We can envision or affirm the day to be a pleasant one.
“Everything is going my way”

Simply be you, live a simple life.

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