Afraid to give Soul Love

Soul Love

© 2016 Puzzles of the Soul – Nanette de Ville – All Rights Reserved – I designed this picture.

The flow of Soul Love.

Soul Love comes from your Soul it is your pure essence as created by God.  This essence or vibration is pure so when you connect to God or the Divine and project or expand your Soul Love you are creating massive waves of goodness to flow to your loved ones be them family or pets.  Then by extending this to those good souls who are unknown to you boots the Soul Love vibration from you.

Majority of us are afraid to receive Love from others as to us it is an unknown quantity.

If you allow yourself to receive Soul Love and accept their Soul Love remember it is a pure essence being given to you.

As you can see from the picture I created this shows the flow of Soul Love from yourself to others and receiving the Soul Love in return.  Impressive burst of energy.

Imagine this multiplied by thousands or millions the effect it would have on us and our planet.

Transmitting love is a waste of time it is just thoughts and they dissolve as quickly as they came to mind.  The mind has no capacity for love.  Though filling your mind with Soul Love controls it.

The more confident you feel with yourself the more you are able to give and receive.  You can expand your Soul Love to the entire Universe this is what I do every day.

Some of the reasons why you feel stagnated is because you have so much Soul Love to give and to receive.  It is just as important to receive from others their Soul Love as it is for you to give it.  It generates the bonds of Soul Love and as it traverses the planet and remember to include the Earth in this Soul Love receiving and giving.

How do you give and receive?

You project or expand your Soul Love from your Soul Center see it flowing to those you care see then accept your Soul Love.

Allow yourself to receive and accept their Soul Love in return the more sensitive you are the more you will feel the different impacts or strength of the Soul Love you are receiving.

I found this a beautiful and great experience.

You will feel more balanced, stronger and happier inside yourself.

Good to give Soul Love.

Simply by you, live your life simply.

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Watch my video on the types of Love this explains my views on Love

Types of Love


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