Evil is Subtle


Without a doubt evil is subtle, this is constantly brought to my attention.  I connected to a page on Facebook owned by a witch.  By no means am I inferring whoever owned it was bad because they are a witch or perhaps not it depends on what they are trying to achieve.  Many witches are good living people who live by the rules of nature and the Divine.

This page like so many just post other peoples’ post they find on their page you know the kind takes no effort to produce. I quite liked the posts a bit of light relief until a couple of days ago the posted an evil post which was for followers of evil or to encourage people to follow.

This is evil being subtle.

Evil hides behind what is good, whoever chose to hide behind good posts, the kind that gives inspiration to good lost or confused souls.

Subtly placing a post which is harnessing evil among the good is just how they work.

Important to learn to recognise evil in its various forms check out Google to find information this is what I did to learn more.  By researching this topic does not mean you are becoming evil it means you are becoming more informed.  They use a lot of symbolism and work the Left Hand Path of Hermetic Practices i.e Tree of Life. This type of working is all over the world in fact it is too prolific especially in the New Age Arenas.

Take care extra care with these surreptitious people.

Simply by you, live your life simply





2 thoughts on “Evil is Subtle

  1. askriverbed says:

    Thanks for the guidance, Subtle, and good catch. One of the things I so appreciate in this community is the straightforward candor of our writers, who are honestly in it without any other agenda than to create – and to encourage others in their writing.

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