Doing It My Way


Life and people can be challenging at times.  We have our own unique way of working and I totally accept and respect this in others without question.

There are those out there who can only accept how they work and their methods, fine but do not impose your ways on me or others.  Sometimes when people behave like this it is to put you down.  This is when I challenge them on their beliefs and when it comes down to it they really are not sure what they believe in and yet they are imposing a set of beliefs on to me and anyone else.

My only concern with other people is to help them find strength for themselves, not interested in cheap parlor games with Angel Cards and playing with photos of ghosts.  There are more important things to do like personal survival.

The other challenge was a person on FB could not say whether I was good or to be trusted, great.  They kept saying how spiritual they were online.  I replied well I knew when I saw their photo they were good and could be trusted and I hope that they are able to see my soul for what it is if they look deep enough, well they should not need to look deep, they should be able to see and feel the goodness just like I can. Well they disconnected, as they just could not hack being challenged on how do they discern good from evil.

When good people meet other good people we hope to be recognised for this regardless of country, race or belief system.  It is the goodness that ignites us and the Divine.  If you are finding this difficult then perhaps you have too much badness around you.  You should open yourself up, that is to ask for good people to be brought into your life.  You have to ask.

People from all parts of the world have come to me for help.  I do not say sorry I do not like your religion, race, colour and country.  The media has been saying bad things about you and yours.  I have to discern that God has sent them and when this is clear then I progress to help them without question.

Too many people standing on their self made podium instead of rolling up their sleeves and doing something useful for the good of others and Earth. Remember it is not just people of one country in pain and suffering the entire world is, so take heed.

Simply be you, live your life simply.


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