Which is the best Holy Site?


As we walk on our spiritual journey and paths many are led to believe they must visit Holy Sites.  Perhaps you will or not find upliftment in these places.  They can be disappointing too depending on how sensitive you are and if the places are really Holy.

You will be amazed at where you do find Holy Sites as you go about your life they just appear little pockets of pureness.  Often they just appear for you.

The most pure Holy Site you can go to is yourself.  Yes, you and your Soul is the best Holy Site for you it is the one God and the Divine Love the most.  You see you need not travel so far.  All you have to do is go within yourself and there you have it.

It is one of the things that make us feel we are not enough.  You are told you must go here and do this or that to become who you already are.

You have to connect more to your own Divinity, your Soul to find real Holiness for you.  Created by God and owned by you.


Simply Be You, Live your life simply.




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