Psychic Readings 2


Checkout your Psychic Reader thoroughly. 

More and more groups are being formed on Facebook for Psychic Readings.  I have been researching and so far I be unable to find a good one.  I was member of a Psychic Reading Group on Facebook and was one of the Approved Readers.  I am writing about this to bring an awareness to innocent people who have no understanding of how corrupt many psychics are.

When you ask for a Reading it is because you require answer or to be given some hope in certain areas of your life.  For me this is important and really the readings should be offline not public as they are.

What to look for in the Psychic Groups:

  1.  You must check out each of the Administrators.
  2.  Check their personal Facebook page to gain more information about the type of person they really are.
  3.  Check any websites they own to be sure you are connecting with a good person.
  4. Check the services they offer and what they charge too many very expensive readers.

I checked one group and the main administrator as their name was some “psychic” name they were given by something from the spiritual world was an “Angel Card Reader” Medium and did Spells.

I checked their website and oh my goodness what a shock well not surprising these days for me.  They were a Satanist and worked with the dark arts.  They had their spells on the front page if you will, not ashamedly hidden away somewhere.  These spells in actual fact were curses and hexes to call/summons very evil demons and the wording within the spells/curses/hexes were to seriously cause some unsuspecting person real harm in their life.

This is what I refer to about evil being subtle.  They posed within a closed psychic group as what would appear to be good but on checking them further they were very evil.

Many of you will laugh and scoff at this about curses and hexes thinking nothing can harm you, perhaps you are right but you would be surprised at what can harm.

If you are starting out on your “Spiritual” Path/Journey as a true Light Worker. You are unsure of what to expect so you join one of these spurious psychic groups.  The administrators if they are dark art practitioners will see immediately you are a Light Worker and this is where the fun starts.  Groups of them will start to psychic attack you as you are unprepared for this.  Life will become chaotic.  The group has been setup to trap the innocent and good workers.

People to stay clear of the following:

  1. Satanists
  2. Love Spell creators as this is not allowed and has great repercussions
  3. Those who Hex and Curse people
  4. Reiki Attunements they are what is called God workarounds for people who cannot heal.  The attunement is an implant see my posts on Reiki and Google and read other’s posts or articles by those who are against it.
  5. Hermeticism Left Hand Path
  6. Kabbalah Left Hand Path
  7. Witches Dark Arts. Note there are Witches who are known as White Witch and they use good practices.
  8. Angel Card Readers

The list can go on.

You must be very careful when entering some groups and using methods you do not understand.  The havoc you can and will experience in these groups often is very difficult to undo.  I am speaking from experience here having been a victim of these groups in the early stages of my development and throughout my life.

The Psychic Group I belonged to and started to do readings for is a prime example of the nastiness that goes on at administration level.  The owner of the group is a very good person who became very ill.  A couple of the administrative staff pushed the owner out of the group removing her from it completely.  The two administrators were Angel Card readers and the quality of their readings were extremely poor.  I joined the group as I knew the owner.  When all the backstabbing started I found that I and other quality readers were removed from the group because the standard of our readings was too high for them. The administrators knowledge came from books.  It is impossible to learn your spiritual skills from a book.  Admittedly I have read many books but none taught me my skills I use today.

Only your Soul which is the real you will guide you.  This is where you have to learn to work from and once you can do this you will start to learn your ways.  Note there seem to be very few who know how to do this or teach it.

Remember so many just repeat what they READ and HEAR.

Research and check the people thoroughly to protect yourself from the unknown.  Being too trusting is unwise.  See what they actual do and not the false words they use to lure you.  Question everything yourself know your own truth.

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Simply Be You, Live Your Life Simply.




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