So what about Peace and Harmony?


It really concerns me very much about people’s attitudes to each other.

How can we make changes to improve our world?

People are more concerned with defending their life choices than living life and allowing others to live theirs.

The EGO is ever-present when you do this, it the function of the mind to be like this (mind and ego are all the same thing) To pressurize other people into following your choices be it religion, belief system and dietary lifestyle.

The moment you step onto your orange box to oppress other people to do as you do.  You are taking away their sovereignty and freedom of choice.

People make choices according to their understanding or evolvement also whether they are good soul or evil being.  As there are good and evil in all things and live in every country.

Try to tolerate other religions, races and belief systems of those who are God’s good people on Earth.  Look for a common ground to work from and from a place where Soul Love is generated to create harmony.  Learn to work together respecting knowledge and skills. One day we will be forced to do so.  We ought to try more now.

Open your Soul to accept and receive the Soul Love and goodness from other good souls.  Allow yourself to become dispassionate toward evil so you remain in control of your own life.  Maintain your own sovereignty and autonomy.

We must join together as pulling apart and fighting is what evil desires.  It is a crime against God to kill another Good Soul but not an evil being or entity.  The difficult part is you have to be sure they are evil and it is safer to “Let God” remove them.

We have to pray to God for deliverance from God’s and our enemies. Mighty divine warrior angels will be sent to resolve matters or issues they are better placed in doing this than us.

Remember Jesus stood alone to face off evil there were none to support him.  We have no physical leader to walk with therefore we must join at our Soul Level for our guidance through God to maintain our Soul Love Power as individuals and as a dispersed group.

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Simply be you, Live your life simply.







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