You are entitled to your Gifts

Lately I have been working through closing issues in my life many of them deep rooted from the past and these are the hardest to release. When they surface it brings back memories of suffering and trauma experienced in the life. It is exhausting facing what was again.

Especially those who have triggered the pain again are looking for what they want in life. So many people are too like children they want what they want despite what other people may be seeking in their life. There is no consideration at all except for their own selfish needs. They are not looking for a reconciliation or amends but something else on their agenda. An agenda on their terms which has no room for perhaps someone who has a different view point.
Stand strong against adversity as it may well be another door which needs to be closed.
God created you and therefore you are precious not to be treated like a door mat. Your feelings, experiences and what life has thrown at you is important. Do not be tempted to allow destiny killers to take away what is rightfully yours. Your life with God’s guidance and your mission you agreed to before you reincarnated.
You are important, throughout life people come in to tempt us and distract us from what we should be doing.  They are called destiny killers.  They are killing good opportunities you might have had and blocking your path to progress to become the real you.
When this happens and it will be happening to many of us now.  Reduce your focus to achieve one goal and maintain working on this all the time.  Every time you become distracted with your thoughts put your goal in front of you.

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4 thoughts on “You are entitled to your Gifts

  1. lorriebowden says:

    “Destiny Killers,” Ah! Yes…I have met a few along the way. Wow…I never thought of it quite the way you describe it here…but now that I have…I wish to understand who they are from the start and to be able to ‘wish them well and move on!’
    Thank you for the beauty of life that you share and for all the love and support you have shown to me. I truly respect and appreciate you. I wish you so many beautiful things in this new year…most of all LOVE…I wish you so much love ❤

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