One of my main jobs for God

One of my main jobs for God is working as an Exorcist that is removing and clearing, problem areas and negativity from peoples lives.

A lot of this comes from people who are jealous of you or constantly focusing bad thoughts on you, not all negativity problems come from Psychic Attack. The more a person with bad thinking focuses on you they eventually create an entity with the energy which constantly attacks you.

With this type of work involves counselling to help the traumatised person. The trauma from being a victim of this kind of behaviour often cuts deep. They require objective, empathic compassion.

Myself include find it so unreasonable for people to behave like this wanting to harm others.  I have have been on the receiving end so I full understand what it is like.

If you would like me to help you with a negativity problem please contact me

All my work is confidential.

Contact Me

Simply be you, live your life simply.


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