What No Empathy?

Life as an Empath

What No Empathy?  I keep seeing and hearing this all too often.

Does anybody ever ask why people have no empathy?

Do they realise why so many people do not have empathy?

Empathy is a gift one which is bestowed on a natural healer and this is done by God it is not something you can learn or acquire it is part of the soul. An Empath has to be responsible in what they do and be able to handle the volume of information being given to them.  An Empath has heightened sensory ability which comes with the gift and often it takes time to be completely functional.

What should we be expecting from people? 

God’s people on Earth should be sympathetic, compassionate and understanding these are the feelings and senses that drive them in the pursuit of fairness for all on our planet.

The minimum I would expect is understanding or comprehending the situation even if they have no feelings.  Understanding situations is good it is impossible to be passionate about all the things going on in the world.  We all have our favourite species and interests so it is fine to follow those and put your goodness and soul love into your passions.

The people who are harmful, unfeeling are evil as they have no sense of another’s pain or suffering.  Expecting them to be compassionate or sympathetic is out of the question as they are harsh, ruthless, relentless and have no remorse.   So why are you not surprised your trying to get blood out of a stone. We often call these people Psychopaths, Sociopaths and Bipolar as they either an evil spirit or they are easily influenced by evil entities and demons.

It is society and evil mal-practitioners who keep banding about everyone has empathy  are trying to keep people who cannot think for themselves and just follow the crowd in a state of confusion. They like to get everyone jumping up and down on the bandwagon.  It is impossible for everyone to be a concert pianist, violinist, artist, a musician like Beethoven as we all have various gifts  and being a Empath is one of these gifts.  Take time to analyse the truth for yourself.

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Be proud of what you are doing and achieving everything counts in the way of things on our Planet.  Earth requires much Soul Love to heal and regrow.  Your gift(s) are equal to that of an Empath but for doing something different. Look for this gift and follow your dream.

Simply be you, live your life simply


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