Healing Properties of Lemon


I am eager to learn new ways of natural healing.

A couple of weeks ago the glands in my neck were very swollen. The best thing of swollen glands is rest.  I also tried massaging them with Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil it removed the pain put not the swelling.

I went to work and a friend of mine said you must go to the doctor.  I knew from past experience there was nothing the doctor can do.  Even the doctor admitted this.  Rest was the best as swollen glands are a result of overdoing and working to hard.

I refused his help about the doctor I told him I only use natural therapies or healing from God.

My friend suggested cutting a lemon in half and rubbing my all my neck including the glands and crown of head before going to sleep. I did this and the next morning the glands swelling had gone.  I was feeling much better.  Though a couple of days later the swelling recurred and again I rubbed the whole neck and glands, face, crown, back of neck.

I had another concern about a swelling and I rubbed it there just out of interest.  I have been rubbing the lemon on this particular place for a couple of weeks now and the swelling has reduced to half the size.

I also drink lots of very cold lemon juice which is good to keep you hydrated and lower blood pressure.

I take 2 lemons cut them in quarters place them in a blender.  Added refrigerated water 600 ml.  Add a tablespoon of sugar or honey.  Blend.

Pour into a jug add ice cubes and store in fridge.

Strain into a glass to serve.


Some of the most effective cures or remedies are simple and cost-effective.  They also come without side-effects of drugs and chemicals.


Simply be you. Live your life simply.



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