Respect !


Australia, my homeland is being torn apart by the government allowing the Indian and Chinese Corporations to destroy the natural wildlife and coral reefs.

Respect!  as you do not know what went on before.

You were not the people who built this country on good family values.

You were not the people whose sons went to war fought for a false freedom and peace. The lies all governments fed.

Sons who were no more than cannon fodder.  Some returned to rebuild the lives families started generations before.

They were the early migrants who came with determination and hope to build a better future for themselves and those yet to come. Their communities were strong, welcoming and loving.

You are immigrants looking for easy pickings, thinking everything is for free. Think Again!

There is gold on those streets you walk but you will have to bend-over backwards to pick it up like those before you.

I think, it is fair to say it applies to many countries where there have been major migrations of people.

The most important habitants are always forgotten the original people of the land. Their desires and hopes were not taken into consideration and still not today.

You can go back as far as you like.  Respect is required as you have no idea what went on before.



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