The Soul – a compilation

Joining Souls

This is my drawing of a good soul.  Impossible to find anything which even represents a good soul.  All God’s people on Earth Souls looks like this.  A brilliant orb of purity neatly held within the chest cavity of their body.

Your Soul is pure it has to be.  God Created it.  The Ethereal and shrouding personalities which encompass your Soul whilst on Earth carries some memories from past lives which have to be cleansed away and understood.

The Soul is your entire being it is a luminous ball of energy (pictured above).

The Soul is all-knowing  and understanding of YOUR existence from the beginning of time, NOW and into the future forever.

Everything about yourself is within your Soul which is just a facet among the sea of jewels created by God.

Time for Separation

Now is the time of separation from those who are harmful to you or no longer looking in the same direction as you.  You must keep pruning the unwanted sprouting nodes from your path in order to follow God’s guidance and direction.  Then some of the nodes which became dormant are beginning to regrow.  They are able to regrow as the entanglements of life have been removed and once again you are able to see each other clearly.

You have to be prepared to take up our mission as defined by God.  Your are unique not a copy of another.  Replication and copies are NOT God.  Those who have the need to copy and plagiarise or have been cloned are NOT of God.

Drawing Together

The facets are drawing together; gaining strength.  You are all learning from each other.  It should make you happy to see your knowledge shared and teachings being applied in other’s lives.

There is a difference in the plagiarist and the Soul Group Member applying shared knowledge in their lives and spreading the sacred wisdom.

The plagiarist does it for ego, money and boost their failing career.

The Soul Group Member realises they must apply the knowledge to their life to progress and understand themselves more.  Many Soul Group Members are experiencing similar issues as we walk on parallel paths, as you are looking in the same direction.

Some Soul Group Members may fail through being harmoniously egotistical and their greed for money.

God provides for the birds of the air so does He provide for His jewels.

As the facets reconnect once again across the Earth and in the Divine Spiritual Kingdom so you help each other to go forward in God’s Name.

Soul Recognition

Soul Recognition is all important knowing who you are and the realisation of who the other Souls are.  Note well ! we are not mirror images of each other.  Though we may have similar features.  The recognition is with the eyes the windows of the Soul and the Soul Centers the energy being transmitted.

The jewels, the facets are scattered across the Earth they have been born into different races, religions and belief systems.  Many have chosen just to follow God as they feel it is less complicated and the guidance is direct without the misinterpretation of one who puts themselves between the followers and God.

Soul Mates

Soul Mates are from a myriad of Divine Spiritual Groups which include some/not all the Animal Kingdom.  Many of the jewels are from the Divine Spiritual Groups with which you will create a close affinity.  Good and trust worthy friendship and healthy relationship bonds can be formed with people whose Souls come from among the Soul Group Members.

Anything else would be disastrous, there are too many people who have been derived from evil. Their task is one of destruction.

Twin Souls or Twin Flames

Twin Souls, this has to be the biggest money-maker in the so-called “spiritual market”.

Twin Souls or Flames originally were one soul as a reward for their committment and goodness, God decided to create the perfect partner for life by dividing the Soul into two.  When the two souls unite they are a perfect match and balance.  All the strengths and weakness become one strength when united together.  There are no weaknesses.

You can see why evil would not want the Twin Souls to unite.  Also it is understandable there are NO twin souls or soul mates within the evil or dark kingdoms.  Afterall, why would God want to increase the number and strength of an evil being/entity. These beings/entities are too egotistical to want to share with another.

There are very few Twin Souls on Earth.  All too often they unknowingly find each other.  Evil has a big part to play in keeping them apart.  Evil puts attacking teams in place. To destroy the Twin Soul lives to prevent them from meeting.  For evil has many minions on Earth they are easily influenced into action through money, greed, and ego.  Many are what we call sociopaths or psychopaths they are everywhere.  They are not scattered they are large groups and they attack in groups too.  Please check the people around you who keep you from returning to your Twin Soul or Soul Mate.

Many Twin Souls are just reconnecting, bonding and rebuilding the bridges which were torn down.  You will be healing each other’s wounds. The Soul Love of the Twin Souls is a powerful force flowing with the God Light and God’s Soul Love. Twin Souls have no race, religions or age barriers there is just Soul Love which draws them together to be with their rightful partner.

You have to unite in God’s Name, be prepared to move to be together in order to bring a strong force of God to Earth.

God will give you the strength to move, clear the path for the Souls to be together.  You have to be prepared to live in other countries choose one which will enhance your spiritual growth and creativity.  To enable you to flourish in a good Divine Energy environment.  There will be no ifs or buts. Just Go.  Stop concerning yourself with societies trivia; it is not your concern as God will guide and bring you all you require to complete your mission.

Twin Soul and Soul Mate, both are very important to all the forthcoming changes on Earth.

Connecting To Your Soul

The most important connection for all God’s people on Earth should be to reconnect with your Soul and God.  This will enhance and help you to be working as God planned.

This is where my expert knowledge on Soul connection is of value.

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Simply Be You.  Live Your Life Simply

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© Puzzles of the Soul – Author Nanette Maryam de Ville – All rights reserved



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