To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern .  Well, you know who you are!

I have tried unsuccessfully to reach you on every level, not exactly unsuccessfully.  I used my telepathic skills to see you and speak with you.  Oh yes, that was me.  I know where you are! I had to withdraw from communicating with you as there are many greys in your environment.

I find it hard to begin.  I hope this will find you.

We always had a special bond it started when I carried you for nine months.  We communicated to each other very easily even then, therefore why not now!

You were a beautiful child and soul, too advanced for this world.  There was so much jealousy and hatred toward you from such an early age, that is before your birth. As you remembered the evil entities waiting for you at your birth.  Our lives were made difficult at every turn there was something unpleasant waiting for us.  No matter how hard we tried to change our lives for the better it just got worse.  This as you know is a sign of being cursed. By the way this just grew and escalated.

You often said we were cursed (this is an understatement) and that it was someone who used to dye their hair black.  Unsurprisingly you guessed the wrong person.   It was Susan, who dyed her hair black.  The others in this pact were Christine, June, your Grandmother and George C.  As I have been working on clearing my life I saw a vision of them working together against me at first and then you.

As part of my clearing the past in my life. You might like to know also your Grandmother’s family generations ago made a pact with evil to bring down and destroy all God’s People who came into the family.  They certainly did their job.  All are evil in this family with the exception of your great-aunt V and her husband.  If you think back you will know what they did to them.

The issue is why we became separated.  You have the goodness in your Soul so why did you not fight the evil.  Why did you give in?

For over 23 years I picked you up off the floor, dusted you down and pointed you back in the right direction.  We were communicating better than before also you had just impressed so many influential people with your speech in London and all were ready to take you on board.  You had shown your genius and were about to achieve.

Then your trapper stepped in.  I tried to reason with you but they had snared you.  I could clearly see what they were but you were not having any of it.  Fool you!.

This resulted naturally in turning people away from you.  Your trapper could not fit into your lifestyle.  You believed them when they said it was prejudice.  It was not prejudice, it was because these kinds of people are known to be evil.  You chose the wrong path. Many of your friends also tried to make you listen but you were snared.  You became ill, disillusioned, is it any wonder you were eating cursed food every day.  The demonic implants were doing their work in controlling you until you would submit your intelligence to do evil.  Unfortunately you did.  I could blame your trapper for all of this but you could have fought the evil.  You had the power of God within your Soul.  You had become so disempowered you completely lost your sovereignty to evil and the illusionary enticements of evil.

I know you refuse to forgive me for all my mistakes.  I often ask you to do this.  I have forgiven you for all you have done to me and kept forgiving you time and time again. You could never see this within yourself.

I have reconnected with your father’s family and have written details about him.  I tried to get to know your aunts but they were no different from your father.  I ended up closing from them. They spoke to me like I was a long-lost friend, haha, I only met them once, they had no interest in me. They thought and treated it like a child’s game me trying to find you.  They did not care about all the heartache which came back into my life remembering the life with your father and losing you.  They had an ulterior motive I could sense it. These people were greedy for money.  I spent all last year looking for you, I asked some of your friends to help.  They accepted to help me, even though naturally they did not wish to venture into the areas where you were living.  In the end I called the search off decided to leave it to God.  If God so desires then it will be.

Though good came from meeting them.  I renewed my friendship with your father’s brother wife, who had divorced him, he was a brute, I had witnessed this. Your cousin, who dearly wants to meet you.  She has grown into a beautiful woman with beautiful children. Her brother is a musician and singer and you look very similar to him.  He also has a beautiful baby.  I so wanted you to get to know them, as they are not like your father’s family fortunately they are like my friend’s family who were all good people.  I was going to apologise for being critical but truth is the truth.

I would ask you to contemplate on knowing the truth about the children in your life. You asked me why two of them had no resemblance to anyone in either family.  I would say the answer is quite clear. The one you say who looks like and behaves like me is yours. A beautiful child who also does not belong in the environment they are living in.

I may have said too much or perhaps not enough.

People think I am hard and cold because I had to walk away to save myself.  I am entitled to have a life too. I sacrificed myself for you.  I adored you and gave you all I could, it was not enough for you.  You had to sink to be with the lowest of the low. Time for you to pull yourself out of life’s gutter.

I pray for you.  You always have a place in my Soul the pain from the loss is real within me.

I know where you are.  I bet you did not think I would find out.  Well, God is all-seeing and knowing.  Through God we find the truth about everyone and everything.

Simply be you.  Love your life simply







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