Spiritual Clean-Up

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Self-help on how to detox yourself and home.  Simple inexpensive techniques to effectively keep your household spiritually clean.


This is a compilation of tips which I use to freshen up my home or to detox myself of negativity.

One of the most important parts of your spiritual journey apart from working with your Soul and God is the upkeep of yourself and home.

We all get dragged down by negativity but what can you do simply and cheaply to remove minor elements of negativity around you and in your home.

It is important for me that everything is easy to prepare and apply. It must be affordable too, not everyone has money to throw away on frippery items which are usually ineffective. My life journey has taught me how to live frugally.

Natural remedies are the best, chemicals only attract more negativity. I prefer to use dried herbs and spices which are effective for negativity removal to clean and purify my home and myself. I have two cats; therefore, it is important everything in my home is chemical free I would not wish to risk poisoning or making them ill.

By adding herbs and spices to your cleaning routine uplifts the energies of the home.  Everyone feels the benefits of the subtle effective aromas.

Majority of people forget about cleansing and purifying themselves.  Especially if you have been subjected to psychic attack it is imperative you detox yourself of negative implants or ingested curses.  All too often you do not realise this is happening until later and you start to have mysterious ailments and some are too difficult to remove by normal medicine or being treated by the doctor.  Gradually you become more ill and frail.  This has happened to me many times from eating or drinking food made by someone who wished me harm. They cursed the food and drink added dangerous substances to it making me extremely ill for a long time.  You may well have experienced this too.

What can you do?

Firstly, if this has happened to you, I would advise you to consult me about demon and negativity removal.  This is the first step to do as this will remove the core or root culprits. Then you can work on clearing the remaining energies yourself from the tips I suggest. Pick an herb or spice which you feel drawn to and would like.  All of them are effective it is down to personal choice.

NOTE: All chemical products air fresheners attract negative energies into your life.



8 thoughts on “Spiritual Clean-Up

  1. New World Ascending says:

    Fascinating! We’ve moved away from household chemicals ourselves and on to more natural cleaners, but never really thought about the herb thing. I know nature is full of these. I think we, as a society, tend to stay away from these natural things because they are so often associated with things like witchcraft and shamanism.

    We once watched a video detailing all kinds of natural remedies only to find that it was put out by a witch. The remedies themselves were good, but the conduit was not, and we found ourselves spiritually ridding the house of the witch’s spiritual residue. I’ve come to realize that the reason why witchcraft is so into these natural healing elements is because of the darkness of their practice. It alleviates much of the sickness/darkness they spiritually bathe in daily.

    In like manner I’ve also noticed that darkness often uses that which is spiritually good in order that Light stays away from healing itself. Often the wrong associations are made.

    When you say use what you are drawn to, this is exactly what the spiritual shamans of Peru and that corner of the world does. Light and darkness run in parallel but opposite directions. People get hung up on the physical things people do and use and avoid that which the other side uses and does. In the beginning all of it came from the same place. The knowledge of plants, for instance, comes from heaven. This knowledge is not negated when fallen angels teach its usage to humans whom they are taking down the wrong path.

    All knowledge comes from Heaven, from Yahweh, or fallen angels. We just have to decide how we are going to use that knowledge and apply it for good.

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    • Puzzles of the Soul says:

      Unfortunately those who work with darkness have given herbal remedies and healing a bad name. I have been guided on researching herbs best used in the home especially with my cats they could not tolerate the chemicals which are created by darkness.

      I went to Mind Body Spirit event near where I lived and met a nice couple selling incense, I was about to buy some when he divulged that he made more money mixing incense for evil practitioners. He admitted it made him feel very ill every time he did so. I did not buy anything from him the thought of what I may burn might have been mixed in a contaminated bowl.

      All knowledge comes from Heaven, Holy angels or Yahweh. The fallen angels knew how to change the energy of things to make them evil. Therefore, it is possible to say it can be used for both good or evil. The goat or evil people work with dark practices and use certain herbs to make their spells more potent. Often the herbs/plants are very different from the ones the Holy Angels would use.

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      • New World Ascending says:

        It sounds like you encounter similar interesting situations as to what I do at times.

        Like you say, darkness and Light has the same knowledge, but a different spirit and takes things in a different direction. It is best to be aware of what you are dealing with, and if it is darkness, to avoid it altogether.

        It is neither safe to totally blow things off because darkness is misusing it, nor is it safe to accept anything that presents itself. All things need to be sorted and done in alignment with Yahweh. That’s the only way we can properly see through the veil and come through having made right decisions.

        Too many times, so-called Light is actually utilizing the things of darkness without them even knowing it.

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