I am the Mother for Youths of Change.  I support, encourage and hold the space for young people who know they are to bring Changes. I give the Soul Love which may have been lacking in their lives.  I maintain a space for the Young Change Bringers whilst they unlock the puzzles within their souls to connect with God and learn how to use their unique gifts. This is part of my mission for God.

I love working for God and very committed to this.  I renew my commitment every day.

I believe in God and only work with the Divine Realms. 

Everything I produce is unique it comes from my soul.

I naturally work from my Soul offering you  objective support this means focusing on you and your issues or development.  You are unique and are looking for someone who can relate to your life.  

All my training has been done through my Soul and God’s guidance. I have spent many years naturally analysing the environment, people, nature and myself. There are just some things you are unable to learn from a book, a course or a teacher.  I have learned to apply my knowledge make it real and work for me.

My objective is to teach the basic principles of the way I work with my Soul, no more.  You are to remain autonomous in control of your own life I no have desire for dependent clients.

I write self-help post on my blog to encourage others to work independently, it is easier and safer this way.

Everyone can self-heal and it is your right to do so.  This is made easier by working with your soul.  I know I found this to be so and I have healed so much on myself it is not a flick of a duster and everything is gone.  It is a long and deep process.  I have the patience and constantly learning new ways of self-healing. This you are able to do.

I love healing others too and practice Distant Healing as I do not currently have a clinic for clients to visit.  This is also free.  I do daily Distant Healing.

I enjoy working with God to remove negative and demonic influences in the home and around the person.  This is also done freely and it involves many hours of work on my part.

I do not teach religion or belief systems, to me being good regardless of your beliefs is enough for me.  I have no desire to interfere with your traditions or personal beliefs.  As I connect with other people around the world I see a common soul point of connection which goes deeper than our beliefs.  This is so uplifting to be able to share with so many gifted and beautiful souls.

I do not mix spiritual energies, that is working with any method or technique being taught by the New Age Arena.  I only work with God in everything I do so it is clear, clean and precise.

I turned away from being a Spiritualist, Reiki Master and New Ager about 20 years ago.  I came to the conclusion it was dangerous working with spirits and felt they really were demons.  I did all the Reiki Initiations and they made me very ill.  God wanted me to go through this route to learn the truth about Reiki . Reiki is a demonic form of practice with demons governing each initiation.  The New Agers, well what can you say they float from one fashionable way of thinking to another and their practices are far from good, clean and honest.  I had to close off and clear out all connections with these practices.

I decided to keep to my own truth in believing in God and His Holy Angels.  As I have journeyed with God and cleansing myself which is an ongoing practice my ways of working have changed they have to change as my understanding increases.

If you like simple techniques and practices then I can assist you and walk along side of you.  The control remains with you.  You have to decide your directions and what is right for you. As I said earlier I have no desire for dependent clients.

Contact me for more information about taking the steps to be in control of your life.

My Testimonials  or Click on the Testimonial Tab on the Home Page and you will see a list of recommendations for my work.

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**Please note all photos are either my own or pictures I have created.

I am grateful to all those who have submitted their beautiful photos or creative art on the following Free Photo Sites for us to use.

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  1. jamesdeeclayton says:

    Glad we have discovered each other too 🙂 Your words of evolution, personal truth, your interest in the spiritual journey and development and your respect for faith all ring clear to my own vibration. Onwards, my friend.. Jxx

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