Reiki Demons

I have been writing and advocating that Reiki for over 20 years is not healing nor is it good.  I have written many posts and deleted them thinking I was being a little harsh, but when it comes to evil there is nothing else you can be. I am not insinuating that all people who … Continue reading Reiki Demons


Expanding the Soul

This week has been very strange for me at least.  Many of us good souls are experiencing the effects of our souls expanding.  The soul expands to gain more power and control over the body and spiritual bodies. In so doing much cleansing takes place. I felt myself shifting internally and then someone pressed the … Continue reading Expanding the Soul


Nobody can make you happy this is within your Soul it is up to you to ignite it and allow it to blossom radiating this beautiful energy to others in the hope they too may find their own happiness. Being in a state of happiness can fluctuate as you transition through the changes of life.  … Continue reading Happiness

Valerian Trial

Unwashed Dried Valerian Root My friend and Therapeutic Herbalist, Ahmed, advised me I should take some Valerian.  I had heard about the herb but not investigated it before. Known as Spikenard in the Old Testament. Valerian is one of the gentlest, non toxic, non addictive tranquillisers Bartram's Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine Uses - Nervous tension, … Continue reading Valerian Trial