Is it your food or poison?

Over the years it has become more noticeable people are having allergic reactions to food. What is causing this? I notice about 15 years ago that the major supermarkets were tampering with food especially fresh meat they injected water into it to make it weigh more and also added mono sodium glutamate in produce which … Continue reading Is it your food or poison?


Valerian 2

Some time ago I wrote about Valerian and its uses.  I wish to elaborate more on how good Valerian is in the hope you may be able to help yourself  and heal yourself with this amazing Plant Root. I am so grateful to my friend, Ahmed the Therapeutic Herbalist for prescribing this for me.  Valerian … Continue reading Valerian 2

Valerian Trial

Unwashed Dried Valerian Root My friend, Ahmed a Therapeutic Herbalist  advised me I should take some Valerian.  I had heard about the herb but not investigated it before. Known as Spikenard in the Old Testament. Valerian is one of the gentlest, non toxic, non addictive tranquillisers Bartram's Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine Uses - Nervous tension, … Continue reading Valerian Trial


9-01-18 Day One I created the following poultice as I had no other ingredients. A few dried Bay leaves chopped in a blender. I placed the chooped leaves in a mortar and just covered it with some boiling water to soften. Before applying the poultice add about a tspn of flour to bind it. Dampen … Continue reading Poultices