Releasing and the symptoms

Releasing and Cleansing When you have the intention of releasing past issues, emotions and events in your life.  This is done with a statement of commitment and working closely with your soul. It is amazing where we store our trauma, emotions and painful experiences in our life. There symptoms you will experience if you are … Continue reading Releasing and the symptoms


Self Help Courses

  I have done a quick change about with the course information I was placing on here. I like things to flow and if they do not I feel uncomfortable. I have created Self Help Courses on my main menu and you will find the following course there: Self Defense Through Prayer Accepting and Releasing … Continue reading Self Help Courses


Juddering, Trembling, Uncontrolled Shaking. When this first started happening to me a few years ago it was a mild twitching.  I felt uneasy about it and refused to read up anything medical on this.  As usual I believed it was something spiritual happening to me.  I have been constantly cleansing and releasing especially deep-seated issues. … Continue reading Juddering

Self Healing

Many years I have worked as a Natural Healer.  A Natural Healer must undertake self-healing it is important to clear yourself of emotional baggage and illnesses. There are many forms of Self Healing and the one I have been using the most is releasing deep-rooted emotions collected over the years.  The more you allow your … Continue reading Self Healing


Nothing worse than a Migraine, I mean Migraine not a headache I suffered many years with Migraines and note this well a Migraine is one step below having a stroke so this is very serious and should be treated with care. If you vomited as much as I did this is weakening your stomach and … Continue reading Migraines