Get to know the real you!

What do you gain from working with your soul? Working with your soul opens you up to truths about yourself and others.  You learn how to deal with past hurts and issues as and when you are ready to face them.  It is a journey of self-realisation.  Only your soul has the answers to your … Continue reading Get to know the real you!


The Guru is within you

Why does everyone seek a teacher or a master if you are on your spiritual path? You are conditioned from an early age to believe you know less than others, therefore it has become natural to look for a teacher.  You have to be taught! This is very wrong as we are our own teachers … Continue reading The Guru is within you


Nobody can make you happy this is within your Soul it is up to you to ignite it and allow it to blossom radiating this beautiful energy to others in the hope they too may find their own happiness. Being in a state of happiness can fluctuate as you transition through the changes of life.  … Continue reading Happiness