Seek the Truth

Today many are looking for the Truth. Many years ago I dedicated myself to God to be a Truth Seeker, that is, I always want to know the Truth even if it hurts. I see too many young people who have become affected by society, the celebs, those who profess to know it all. I … Continue reading Seek the Truth



TIMING is all important factor when considering the delays or setbacks you are experiencing. Like you I try to push forward into something better and face endless setbacks. Researching my next phase in my life to make informed decisions on which path to take. First path everything connected to it was too difficult. Second, I … Continue reading Timings


  The other day I was looking for something to do and started looking through the Carpenter's Videos they are a favourite of mine and I came across an interview of them. This is what I liked the most.  The Show host said to the Carpenters they were known as being "Squeaky Clean". Karen replied … Continue reading Clean!