The other day I was looking for something to do and started looking through the Carpenter's Videos they are a favourite of mine and I came across an interview of them. This is what I liked the most.  The Show host said to the Carpenters they were known as being "Squeaky Clean". Karen replied … Continue reading Clean!


Truth Seeker

  Over thirty years ago I re-confirmed my committment to God and within this I asked God show me the Truth in all things about myself and others.  From this day I became a Truth Seeker. The most difficult part of being a Truth Seeker is being shown your own mistakes, be them thoughts, words … Continue reading Truth Seeker

Precious Water

    Water in some places is a luxury. Until I came to live in Egypt I had no idea what it was like to have no water. Yesterday, was the first time in a few days not to have water all day. I was not feeling so good very early in the morning so … Continue reading Precious Water