Disturbing My Serenity

I sit here amidst my spiritual waters bathing and caressing my soul and mind. I glimpse at the gifts the Divine bestow on me. Yet you are determined to rattle my serenity by throwing boulders at the Water Lilies or Lotus Flowers which bloom in my spiritual waters.  Their essence and perfume raise my spirit … Continue reading Disturbing My Serenity


Pulled in so many directions

These past few weeks have been confusing and too much to think about.  Choices of Path directions many new coming into view.  I was happy before knowing there was one possibly two choices to pick from. God reminded me that part of my mission was to help and bring guidance to all Good Souls and … Continue reading Pulled in so many directions


TIMING is all important factor when considering the delays or setbacks you are experiencing. Like you I try to push forward into something better and face endless setbacks. Researching my next phase in my life to make informed decisions on which path to take. First path everything connected to it was too difficult. Second, I … Continue reading Timings