Seasons Greetings

This time of year is often a difficult one for many people even if it is shared with family it can be a sad time, and then it is a time to break free. It is also a time where people a thinking about future changes they would like to make. Changes which need to … Continue reading Seasons Greetings


I AM Entitled

I AM entitled to have time to contemplate and think I AM entitled to be allowed to heal I AM entitled to live my life I AM entitled to have space I AM entitled to be the person God created I AM entitled to follow my dreams I AM entitled to be I AM entitled … Continue reading I AM Entitled

Soul Types

Soul Types once again focusing on Good Souls. Good Souls the creation of God and the Divine.  They are pure magnificent orbs of energy.  Souls be them young or ancient Good Souls are created with their full potential and majority of their talents or gifts. The Young Good Souls have limitations placed on what they … Continue reading Soul Types